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Choosing an Essay Title With Ease

Choosing an Essay Title With Ease

Writing essays is not a difficult thing for people who are creative and love writing. They can easily write down an essay with impressive and expressive language that attracts lots of attention towards it. However, there are large numbers of people who are creative but still not successful. This happens because they do not have knowledge about proper format of an essay and other guidelines. One can say that there are people who need some kind of guidance in enhancing their writing skills and excel in this area of writing. We can start by focusing our discussion on first thing of an essay that is essay title. A title introduces your essay and let readers understand the topic of your essay. In order to make your essay interesting, you need to choose a catchy title for the essay. An interesting essay title attracts people and makes them curious to read your essay.

When you are choosing a title for your essay make sure that it is able to convey the aim of your essay. If you want to learn more about giving an essay title then here are provided few tips. You can go through them and it might be possible that you find them helpful. Let us categorize the tips into two categories viz. dos and don’ts.

Dos for writing essay title:
• First, write down your essay and then think of a title. This is because title tells the reader about your essay and you cannot tell about your essay until you write it down. After you are complete with writing your essay, sum it up and then think of a title on its basis.
• Second important person after the writer is reader. If there is no audience to read your essay, there is no use of writing it. It is better to determine the kind of audience you will be dealing with and then give the title accordingly.
• If some title comes to your mind then just think as if you are a reader. If you like the title as a reader, then stick to it. If no such option exists then try thinking of some other title for your essay.
• For choosing some other essay title, go through the essay once again. There are chances that some better title may come up to your mind. If yes, write down it at the top and re-assess it. If you find it interesting then make it the final title.

Don’ts for writing essay title:
• Do not make the title very lengthy. Try to think of a title, which is informative and concise at the same time. However, if you find a catchy title which is little lengthy then you can choose it.
• Do not use scientific terms in the title and choose simple words that are known to people. If you give very technical kind of title then people may find it boring and this is what they will think about your essay.

After reading these tips finding a title for an essay may become little easy. These tips along with your creativity may produce unbelievable results.