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Clay Travis: The ACC schools all want out of the ACC

Clay Travis: The ACC schools all want out of the ACC

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When most college or university football media and admirers have been chasing Huge 12 and Pac 12 enlargement and realignment rumors, the reality of the subject is this: the potential battles in college or university soccer enlargement are not heading to be fought in the Big 12 or the Pac 12, they’re likely to be fought in the ACC. Simply because pretty substantially each ACC college needs to leave the ACC for the SEC or the Significant 10 and not like the Big 12 and the Pac 12, many ACC colleges have substantial expansion price to both the SEC and the Major Ten. 

And there are two faculties in specific, the University of Virginia and the College of North Carolina, who will support to push the future technology of college or university football expansion. I’ll talk about that below in a second, but initially let’s begin here: top ACC schools understand that the long term of college soccer is the SEC and the Massive Ten and they want out of the ACC.

At any time due to the fact the Major Ten poached USC and UCLA from the Pac-12, the phones have been ringing off the hook at the SEC and Major 10 offices. Of course, a lot of of individuals colleges calling trying to find to join the SEC and the Huge 10 are in the Pac-12 and the Major 12, but it is not a surprise these universities would be scrambling for new properties. What may perhaps arrive as a shock to lots of is how aggressively the ACC educational facilities are all attempting to be a part of up with the SEC and the Major 10.

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Clay Travis: The ACC schools all want out of the ACC

Bryson Nesbit (18) limited finish of North Carolina for the duration of the Duke’s Mayo Bowl college or university soccer video game concerning the North Carolina Tar Heels and the South Carolina Gamecocks on December 30, 2021 at Lender of The usa Stadium in Charlotte, N.C.
(John Byrum/Icon Sportswire by means of Getty Pictures)

Which is why the big story percolating beneath college football’s surface area is this: how extended is the ACC going to nonetheless exist as a key convention? And when will the raid on the ACC formally get underway? Because the ACC’s demise feels inescapable at this point, it’s just a problem of when it comes about, not if it occurs.

In the small phrase the school with the most energy to change the conference realignment calculus is Notre Dame. If the Irish make your mind up to be a part of the Significant 10 then it is very likely the Massive Ten would expand even further. If the Irish make your mind up to stay independent then there may well be a realignment pause for various years. How long could that pause last? A pair of yrs or it’s possible even a ten years, no a person knows for guaranteed. The tectonic plates shifting underneath higher education soccer conferences can be difficult to predict. But substantially like we know earthquakes are inescapable, so way too is the ACC’s demise. We just never know when it’s going to happen.

And when the ACC formally enters the realignment period a little something unique will finally take place, the SEC and the Significant 10, who consequently much have highly regarded every single others’ geographic territories, will at last square off, head to head. Indeed, the SEC took Missouri, a prolonged-rumored Massive 10 target. And certainly, the ACC took Maryland, but so significantly that’s nibbling at the geographic edges of every single conference. The SEC and Large Ten’s territorial integrity has remained intact to this place.

But the ACC will adjust all that for the reason that the Big 10 needs to come down the southern coastline and gobble up educational institutions in North Carolina and Virginia and the SEC wishes to avert that incursion and maintain its geographical ownership of the South. So what will come next? Welp, there is chum in the drinking water and the SEC and Large 10 sharks are going to inevitably start feasting and at the time that occurs the ACC as a big convention will cease to exist.

Darren Klein #37 leads the Virginia Cavaliers onto the field before a game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Scott Stadium on October 23, 2021 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Darren Klein #37 prospects the Virginia Cavaliers onto the area before a recreation versus the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Scott Stadium on Oct 23, 2021 in Charlottesville, Virginia.
(Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Visuals)

And here’s a tasty morsel to digest. Of course, the ACC is protected by a grant of rights settlement that extends into the 2030’s — a grant of legal rights arrangement theoretically restricts a college from marketing television rights to its sporting functions to others and therefore undercuts the main financial rationale for switching conferences, Tv dollars — but if a majority of the ACC faculties vote to conclusion the grant of rights then in theory the ACC’s grant of rights disappears. So all these rumored tens of millions of pounds keeping the ACC from splitting up? It’s dangling above a precarious basis, as soon as 7 or 8 schools have improved choices the ACC as we know it vanishes.


So what does that indicate for the SEC and the Significant Ten? Effectively, let’s start out with important decisions that will have to be designed by the College of North Carolina and the University of Virginia. Where by do UNC and UVA see by themselves in the decades ahead? If the remedy is the SEC, I imagine there is a powerful circumstance to be designed that the SEC would broaden and consider UNC and UVa. It’s possible also adding NC State and Virginia Tech to the mix. That way a twenty faculty SEC maintains its territorial integrity and the SEC Network would lock in the useful states of Virginia and North Carolina. This is a little something I’ve been producing about on Outkick due to the fact all the way back in 2012. The math hasn’t adjusted that a great deal considering that then.

But if UNC and UVA picked the Massive 10, then I believe the SEC would act immediately to incorporate N.C. Point out and Virginia Tech and probably then move down the coastline and increase Clemson and Florida State too. The SEC may possibly even be keen to get UNC, NC Condition, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Clemson, Florida State and Ga Tech to maintain the Huge Ten out of its best markets and states. Sure, that is 50 percent the ACC in a person chunk. But at that level the only major school soccer college remaining in an “SEC state” is Miami and there’s a belief that Miami, which lacks a massive enthusiast foundation, is a non-public school, and ranks guiding Florida and Florida Condition in the condition pecking order, isn’t a must have in the convention. Ga Tech, Clemson, Florida Condition and colleges in North Carolina and Virginia would present territorial integrity to the SEC heading ahead, successfully locking down the South for generations to arrive. (Indeed, Louisville is nevertheless there far too, but the point out of Kentucky is basketball focused and a little inhabitants point out and the Cardinals aren’t truly worth doubling down in the Bluegrass for the SEC.)

An ACC logo is seen on a yardage marker during the college football game between the Clemson Tigers and the Louisville Cardinals on November 6, 2021, at Cardinal Stadium in Louisville, Kentucky.

An ACC brand is seen on a yardage marker through the college football recreation amongst the Clemson Tigers and the Louisville Cardinals on November 6, 2021, at Cardinal Stadium in Louisville, Kentucky.
(Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire by way of Getty Visuals)

What then would come about to ACC schools like Louisville, Miami, Wake Forest, Duke, Syracuse, Pittsburgh and Boston School? They’d all be determined to get in the Massive 10. But the wrinkle with the Major 10 is the convention has not taken reduce-degree tutorial educational facilities right before. (AAU membership, which is restricted to 63 universities in the region suitable now, has been extremely important to the Huge Ten. Proper now the ACC’s UVA, UNC, Georgia Tech, Pitt, and Duke are all customers). But the vast majority of the 7 remaining faculties are personal educational institutions without sizeable football supporter bases. So how does all of this play out? How quite a few of these educational facilities are elite adequate academically that the Large Ten would acknowledge them?

My guess in this scenario is that the Huge Ten would take Syracuse, Duke, Pittsburgh and, possibly, Boston College or Miami, to get to 20 schools (fewer if Notre Dame joined). And the remaining ACC colleges would be remaining floating in the realignment cosmos, inevitably latching on with the Significant 12. (Which is why I’d maintain my powder dry if I was the Massive 12.)

Recall that a substantial depth listed here is that the SEC, not like the Massive 10 at least so considerably, has a provision in its new Tv deal with ESPN that ensures all new “top rated” enlargement candidates will obtain the same pro rata payment in the event of enlargement as the present schools receive. So the finances for the SEC when it comes to expansion, at minimum appropriate now, are less complex than the Major Ten. Which is how Oklahoma and Texas, any time they be part of the SEC, will stop up building the same payout as the present 14 educational facilities in the SEC. And it’s why, at least so significantly, the Major Ten did not develop and include Washington and Oregon together with USC and UCLA, simply because the Television pounds really do not operate for people faculties (The variety 1 lesson of college soccer expansion is no just one normally takes fewer cash to develop, you have to at minimum split even).

So the major issue that is hanging out there, ultimately, is this: The place do UNC and UVA see their lengthy selection futures? Do they want to align with the Southern universities or do they want to join the Big 10? It is a cultural, educational and small business final decision for both establishments. Do they want highway excursions to Texas, Alabama and Tennessee or do they want to be taking part in yearly game titles in Michigan, Wisconsin and, possibly, Los Angeles? Remember, the Huge Ten took Maryland numerous decades in the past with the strategy that using Maryland was going to lead to Virginia and North Carolina too. That did not transpire.

So while every person is on the lookout at the Pac-12 and the Large 12, the two largest state battlegrounds to come aren’t states situated in either of all those conferences: they are Virginia and North Carolina. At some point, if they aren’t previously, these educational institutions and states will formally be in perform for the SEC and the Huge 10. And when that occurs, glance out – the ACC will stop to exist.

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Which is why if I were being the commissioners of the Big 12 or the Pac-12, I’d be inclined to preserve my powder dry. The convention under the most significant very long phrase risk in college or university athletics is not the Major 12 or the Pac-12, it’s the ACC, which is established to grow to be the first genuine fight for college football supremacy among the SEC and the Major Ten, the two 800 pound gorillas of school football.