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Dressing Your Little Girl for a Special Occasion

Dressing Your Little Girl for a Special Occasion

A mother always wants the best for her little princess. On special occasions, she will take the time and effort to dress her up and make sure she is the most beautiful little one on that special day. It’s one of her ways of showing love and care for her little baby.

Below are some tips that mums can follow to make dressing their girl even more fun.

• Match the dress to the occasion. Most occasions have a motif. Sometimes what to wear even gets specified. It’s important for mums to always take note of this. Consider the venue -outdoor or indoor, pool or garden party. Fit and fabric plays a vital role here. If it’s a pool party, then the proper bathing suit must be bought along with a casual shirt and shorts for when the swimming is done. Mums should also consider the comfort and fit of what she lets her little girl wear. This way she can fully enjoy the activities of the occasion.

• Appropriate Dress Styles. In this day and age, it’s sadly noted how children grow up too fast. One mistake that some mums are guilty of is dressing up their daughters in a style that is far too old for their age. If it’s a toddler party, mothers should stay away from designer dresses that are meant for girls 4-5 years older than their daughters’ age. A cute girl’s shirt will do for that occasion. A mum should keep the innocence of her little princess as long as she can.

• Colour Choice. Mums should also consider their daughter’s favourite colour. If the occasion calls for a cardigan, mothers should at least try to find one that is their daughter’s colour. Children’s wear is generally colourful so whether it’s blue, green, pink or red, the chances of finding one are high.

• Designs and Prints. Most little girls love flower prints and patterns, sashes and bows, stripes and polka dots. If she likes dresses, a mum should get her a fancy one with a wider skirt.

• Matching Shoes. These shoes need not be the same colour as the dresses or the girl’s clothes, and mothers don’t need to collect a lot of shoes for their little girls. They just have to find ones that can be paired with most of their daughters’ wardrobe.

Understandably, it can be overwhelming for a mum to pick the right clothes. There are a lot of options – girls’ shirts, skirts and dresses among others. It can also be a girls’ cardigan, a jacket, or nice Barbie jeans.

And at the end of it, mothers should always have a camera ready to capture your little one when she’s looking all cute and dressed up!