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Financial Aid For Single Dads – More Than 10,000 Dollars Worth of Educational Funds

Financial Aid For Single Dads – More Than 10,000 Dollars Worth of Educational Funds

America’s economy has taken a rather unpleasant downturn that has had significant impact on most American citizens especially those whose monthly income is limited. Single dads, who haven’t completed their high school studies, are usually working on jobs with monthly payments that aren’t sufficient to provide a reasonable standard of living for them and their children. The president has increased the educational financial aid offered to single fathers to help them get back to school and earn their degrees.

The newly increased School Grant is helping single dads to get back on track and earn their high school degrees. In addition, governmental financial aid can be available for single dads who want to go even further by earning a college degree. Presidents newly legislated bill is expected to grant 5000 thousand dollars per semester for each eligible single dad. The new federal Pell Grant will pay for 18 semesters of education. This sum of money is channeled to pay for fees, books, online educational courses and internet connection bills for single dads who prefer to earn their degrees online.

The increased educational federal fund could be exploited to finance conventional learning courses as well as online learning programs. The recent years have witnessed a marked development in the techniques of online learning (E-learning). The new era of E-learning and online tutoring have offered numerous learning solutions for single dads who want to learn but can’t leave their kids home alone. You can attend your class while you’re in your pajamas, who simple is that? Some online courses even offer virtual interactive techniques; you can raise your hand and ask a question, while you’re listening to the tutor’s live lecturing.

To receive the new Federal Pell Grant, you must first fill a free application for federal student aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA can be easily filed online through the service’s official web site. The FAFSA will have to determine the dependability of the applicants and inquire about some data that will examine eligibility for receiving federal educational financial aid. Filling the FAFSA will also help you find a suitable school or college that is accredited and accepts federal scholarships.

The Governments newly legislated bill for increasing educational financial aid for single dads is a social achievement that is aimed at helping a large sector of middle class families. If a single father can finish his high school studies, he can seize better job opportunities which can help his family climb up to a higher standard of living.