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How to Find Legitimate Data Entry Jobs

How to Find Legitimate Data Entry Jobs

You see ads and promises for work at home data entry jobs, the question is what is real and what is a scam. Most data entry companies pay you either per piece, per document, or by the number of words you type. Also, for most companies, you will be an independent contractor which does not guarantee the amount of work or an hourly wage. Typically these companies will pay via PayPal or direct deposit. When you get paid depends on each company, it can be monthly for all work that was completed the month before. You will need to review each company’s policies. There will be minimal requirements for these positions, although you may need to take an online typing test for some companies. These positions are usually an entry level position and are different than a transcription or medical coder position. Transcription jobs and medical coder positions will require more experience and some require a certain level of education.

There are many scams online for data entry, you should never purchase a kit from a company. Also if a company is promising that you will make a lot of money, this is a scam. There are legitimate data entry positions, but you will not be earning high dollars. Legitimate data entry companies are not going to ask you to send them money. Always research the company to get a feel of the company and to make sure it is not a scam. One good rule to follow is: If it Sounds too good to be true, it is probably false.

The companies below are legitimate data entry companies that offer work at home data entry jobs, they may not necessarily pay an hourly wage and you may be an independent contractor. You will need to check each company’s website to see if they are currently hiring.

List of Companies:

Clark Fork Communications Inc.


This company hires independent contractors for legal and general transcriptionist, at times they do have opening for basic data entry. They pay $0.75 – $1.75 per page. You will need to complete a test in order to work with their company.

Dion Data Solutions


They hire independent contractors to complete data entry jobs, which you enter data from images of documents. They pay per piece.



The data entry position is called DataBase Helpers. To apply, you complete a form on their website giving your qualifications and your fee (what you expect to be paid).



They hire independent contractors for their data entry positions. You must take a test to qualify to work with them.

Quicktate and Idictate


They hire independent contractors for their needs of entering data, which you will transcribe voicemail messages, memos, letters and other documents.



They hire freelance transcriptionist, which is an independent contractor. For this position, you transcribe audios and the pay rate is $10/audio hour. Each audio is 6 minutes or less. You need to take a test to qualify for a position. If accepted, you get to choose the assignments you work on.

Working Solutions


This company hires independent contractors for data entry and at home agents to work on a project basis for their at home call center. You assist customers with sales, service and technical support transactions. Agents work directly with customers over the phone, through online chat sessions, and email.

If you are just looking for something to supplement your income and only want to work a certain number of hours a week, without having a set schedule, this career path may be for you. Always check into each company, understand the type of work, the pay structure and of course when and how you will be paid.