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Local Factors: Top 5 Public Schools in Parkland, Florida for Your Children

Local Factors: Top 5 Public Schools in Parkland, Florida for Your Children

Home buyers have grown wiser such that it is not only the quality of the house they are buying that they scrutinize. They also consider local factors that can greatly affect their ways of lives if they decide to push through with the home purchase. If you are eyeing the city of Parkland in Florida to be your next home city, evaluating the schools that serve it should also be in your checklist – especially if you have children. Here are the top schools that serve the city.


The pre-elementary and elementary grades are the formative years of study. During these years, the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic, science, and other subjects are taught and injected to your children. As such, only the best schools should be training them and preparing them for higher grades. In the city of Parkland, there are three elementary schools rated 9 and 10 by GreatSchools. These are Park Trail (rated 10), Heron Heights (rated 10), and Riverglades (rated 9) Elementary Schools. All of them are offering PK-5.

Middle School

After obtaining a great elementary education, you should also pursuit excellence with regards to the middle school education of your children. The city of Parkland gives you just the right dose with an equally top-rated middle school serving the city. Also obtaining a rate of 10 from GreatSchools, the Westglades Middle School offers Grade 6 to Grade 8. The current ratio of students to teachers is 18:1.

High School

A well-deserved high school education awaits your teenage son or daughter at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. GreatSchools also gave it a rating of 10. Students to teacher ratio is currently at 19:1.

The above-mentioned schools are also good scorers in the 2013 Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT). The yearly test is given by the state of Florida not only to assess what the students have gained from schooling. The exam also aims to measure the scholastic performances of the school in an attempt to determine what the state government needs to give as support.

By now, you should already know that the home is not the sole institution that shapes the minds of the youth. Along with it are other elements such as the school. Would you dare not give your child the quality education he or she deserves? Fortunate enough that if you’re planning to settle in the city of Parkland, quality schools as zoned by the Broward County are ready to serve you.