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Minimizing Summer Learning Loss – 5 Tips For Parents

Minimizing Summer Learning Loss – 5 Tips For Parents

June marks the time when students everywhere cheer the ending of the school year and the start of their summer vacation. Parents are encouraged to balance recreational activities with educational ones to minimize the approximate one month of learning loss that can occur during the summer. Below are several tips for parents.

1. Go to the library:
Parents are encouraged to get a library card for their child and make use of the many varied activities that are offered through the public library systems including read alongs, classes, and exhibits.

2. Read 30 minutes a day:
Parents are encouraged to read with their child(ren) for 30 minutes daily. Have your child(ren) complete a brief book report to assist with vocabulary building, reading fluency, writing skills and reading comprehension.

3. Make use of educational websites:
Most children enjoy spending several hours on the computer. Don’t allow your child to spend all of their time on social networking sites or playing video games. Encourage him/her to visit fun and educational websites that provide learning opportunities.

Suggested educational websites:





4. Discuss current events:
Have your child watch the news, read the newspaper or search the internet and give you a brief summary of major news events happening in your state, nationally and around the world.

5. Stay on a schedule:
Students end up staying out and up very late during the summer as they don’t have to go to school the next day. Try to keep your child on a reasonable schedule during the summer. One week before school resumes, have them start following the schedule they will be on during the school year.