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My Most Popular Tweets Of The Month

My Most Popular Tweets Of The Month

I made use of to publish weekly collections of my ideal tweets, and applied Storify to provide them alongside one another.

Regretably, Storify went less than.

Thankfully, even so, Wakelet was a new resource that was able to import all of a person’s Storifys. So you can see all those people preceding Twitter “Best” lists listed here.

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I do not want to hazard putting all the do the job into those posts once again and danger losing them all.

So, as an alternative of building weekly “Best” lists of tweets, I’m heading to use Twitter analytics to establish my most well known kinds and embed them immediately below in posts. That way, the only way they’d go absent would be if Twitter by itself went out of small business.

So, right here are my most common tweets from the past thirty times or so: