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Pros and Cons of Private Child Care

Pros and Cons of Private Child Care

Do you have to work outside of your home? If so, you are not alone. More men and women are going back to work after having a baby because the economy is so bad that it is hard to survive and live within the means that you are used to without two incomes. When you have to go outside of your home to work, chances are you are going to need child care.

There are many types of child care available today and you can customize your childcare according to your needs; day time, night time, evening time, weekends, weekdays, full time, part time, or as needed. One type of child care to consider is private child care.

You probably wish that you can stay home with your baby but instead you must go out and find a job that will pay you on a regular basis so you can continue to live the lifestyle that you are more familiar with.

There are pros and cons of using private child care instead of a public day care or other means of child care.


You want your child to feel comfortable with the person that will be taking care of your child. When your child goes to a private childcare every day, they will soon be able to form a bond with that caregiver.

This bond should never take the place of mommy and daddy but it will be strong enough to form a relationship with because the caregiver is taking care of the child’s needs and meeting them. When you are in a public day care or other children’s care your child may not be able to form this bond with their caregiver because they have too many children to keep up with.

Private child care is usually performed in the caregivers home in a more relaxed and comfortable environment. The homes will be clean and will provide stimulation for your child to learn and develop like they should. When in this type of care, your child will be a part of another family during the time they are in need of child care. This helps them to feel more comfortable, confident, and important.


If you are depending solely on a private care provider to be available when you need them to be, you may be in for a rude awakening. Unfortunately care givers get sick or their children do, or they have appointments and errands to run and will not be able to watch your child for whatever reason. If you don’t have an established back-up sitter that your child is comfortable with, you will need to leave work early or not come in at all. This may eventually cost you your job if it happens often.

Private care may be more expensive. If you want to have child care in a private setting then you may find that this type of child care is right for you. However if you want this type of child care be willing to pay more for it because a private care provider welcomes your child into their home, cooks for them, provides care for them, and more. You will pay more for this type of care than if your child was placed into a public day care center where a set fee is for everyone or they may also have a changing fee to accommodate for all parents.