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RN to MSN Bridge Programs Offer Fastest Route to MSN Degree

RN to MSN Bridge Programs Offer Fastest Route to MSN Degree

Nurses who want to advance their careers and grow their earnings have a number of choices at their disposal, but the RN to MSN bridge program is one of the most powerful. Earning a Masters degree can open many doors and provide great opportunities in the fast growing field of health care administration. The field of administration is expected to be one of the fastest growing parts of the health care industry, and an MSN degree can be a great way to take advantage of that growth potential.

These days many registered nurses are choosing to pursue their MSN degrees online, rather than with traditional classroom learning. Online RN to MSN bridge programs carry with them a great many benefits, including increased flexibility, superior instruction and often lower costs as well. Online education can make a lot of sense, especially for working RNs whose schedules can be unpredictable at best. And since these online RN to MSN bridge programs are accredited by the same organization that provides accreditation for traditional colleges or universities nurses can be assured that they are getting the knowledge they will need to succeed on the job.

How Does An RN to MSN Bridge Program Work?

The RN to MSN bridge program is designed to help RNs make the most of the knowledge and skills they already possess, both their original classroom instruction and the valuable skills they have learned on the job. The bridge program begins with intensive instruction that can help RNs test out of the prerequisites for the MSN program. The RN to MSN bridge program typically includes comprehensive learning materials students can use to test out of the general education and other prerequisite courses, allowing them to get right into the meat of the program.

The second part of the RN to MSN bridge program is focused on the actual coursework for the MSN degree, including both the complete practicum courses and the experience requirements. During this part of the course students who are enrolled in the RN to MSN bridge program are free to learn at their own pace, taking their time as needed to absorb this challenging material. The online coursework is designed to help working nurses make the most of their time, allowing them to learn without sacrificing their current careers or time with their families.

Since they are free to learn at their own pace students who are enrolled in an RN to MSN transition program can take their time and learn the skills they will need – both in the classroom and on the job. No campus visits are required to complete online RN to MSN bridge programs, and students are not required to attend classes at a specific time. This flexible schedule allows students to adjust their classroom schedules to their specific needs, without impacting their current careers.

Experienced and knowledgeable mentors are available to oversee all practicum courses, thereby eliminating the need for campus visits and other travel. The learning process is designed to be flexible, and it is designed to give each RN the support he or she needs to move up to the next level of the health care world.

In the old days moving from an RN to an MSN degree could be a lengthy, difficult and arduous process, and many nurses were forced to give up their dreams due to the demands of work and family. But with an online RN to MSN bridge program registered nurses from all backgrounds and all walks of life can now get the training and education they need to enhance their careers, increase their earnings and enjoy an even more satisfying career.

There has never been a better time to get your Masters Degree in Nursing and there’s never been a better way to turn that goal into a reality than through an online RN to MSN Bridge Program.