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Setting Music Goals For Your Child With Help of the Music Teacher

Setting Music Goals For Your Child With Help of the Music Teacher

After reading about the comparison between the music teacher who runs private tuition and those at music school, it is now time to decide:

Which of the two should you go for? That is because you cannot ignore the financial aspect! Before that, dear parents, I suggest you and your child to define your goals. The clearer your goal is, the simpler it is to achieve it in good time.

By defining goals your life becomes manageable. For example, a husband comes home late from work and asks his wife, “What’s for dinner, dear?” and the wife replies, “Um… I haven’t thought of it yet, let me think of something.” She then runs through the list of food items and decides a “goal” for the dinner. Not the most manageable way, right? If you don’t fix the aim of things in life, you wander away from the straight path and lose the required momentum.

All you need to do is define your goals at the beginning. There are thousands of examples that prove why it is essential to do this task. Why don’t many parents listen to such examples and set the goals for the music education of their child?

When parents and the music teacher do not set the right goal for children, hardly 1 percent of them graduate out of music college. And this is a confirmed statistic.

Statistics also reveal that 4 percent of former students try to play a music instrument in future, but all the others don’t even think of it. Such a situation can be prevented by sending your child to a reputed music school with the right music teacher, or hiring a profession private teacher. The music teacher knows how to establish the appropriate goal for your child to develop and sustain his interest in learning music. If the music teacher cannot help you much in this regard, you’ll need to seek the right information elsewhere.

Apart from the music teacher, when it comes to the parents’ role, I must tell you that unfortunately you will not find information on parents’ responsibility in the music education process of their children anywhere, not even in the best music stores and the best libraries. I always stress upon the fact that children quit their music education early into the course mainly because of their parents. But it’s all because parents don’t know what information they must find and where.

Of course, igniting the child’s interest and maintaining it is no easy task, even for the music teacher. Also, the investments required for music training are quite high, and it’s sometimes difficult to generate them. Here I would like to mention the name of James Heckman, a Nobel Prize winner who got the award for proving that every dollar invested in kids’ education gives 17 dollars in return later! Heckman researched into the value of music education in early childhood and the results are published in the book “The Productivity Argument in Investing in Young Children.”