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This Month at DE: August

This Month at DE: August

Return confidently to the classroom this year with tons of back-to-school resources and new August content from DE! Level up and review the latest DE updates here, then keep reading for learning resources to use this month and beyond.

Grades 2-6

We’re pleased to welcome Cram Jams to our ever-growing library of resources for you and your students! From learning all about idioms to being able to identify the setting of any story, these educational, animated music videos make learning Language Arts fun and unforgettable. Discover how this series of catchy and informative tunes transforms language and grammar into something to sing about.

Get started using Cram Jams with the Author’s Purpose video. Teach students the author’s purpose: to either persuade, inform, or entertain an audience (PIE). This jam also demonstrates which category of PIE different texts, such as news and books, fall under.

Grades PreK-2, 3-5, 6-8

What causes geysers to erupt, or canyons to form, or the moon to change shape in the sky? And what in the world do trees have to do with ice cream? The first original series in our DE Originals collection, the thought-provoking DEmystified series, is now available in Spanish! These learning resources are packed with super fun, phenomena-based videos that dive into complex science concepts and topics. Join us as we take students on an exciting journey to DEmystify the wonders of our world—you might be surprised by what you find!

Kickstart student learning this back-to-school season by visiting the DE Originals Channel. Browse this amazing collection of kid-approved, standards-aligned videos that ignites curiosity in students, encourages them to solve real-world problems, and gives them the opportunity to see themselves as part of the story through engaging narratives.

For Educators

Maximize your DE experience with self-paced interactive courses that help you discover resources and strategies, manage assignments, and design more engaging lessons for your learners. Get started with DE, or get a nice DE refresher, through our four-course Discover Resources series. Learn about the wide variety of resources in  our platform and how to search, organize, and share them with students and peers.

Then, one-up your learning with the Designing Digital Lessons with Studio course. Get a closer look at our innovative content creation tool and see how it gives both you and your students a safe collaboration space to design, build, and share lessons and projects in fresh, creative ways!

Find even more resources to welcome students back to class in our
Back to School Channel!

For Educators

Find even more professional learning opportunities designed specifically for DE educators in our new Marzano Academies Channel. Grounded in effective adult learning principles, this channel connects Dr. Robert Marzano’s research with DE resources, offering targeted microlearnings that deliver high levels of interactivity and challenge teachers to transfer new learning to their everyday practices. 

Dr. Marzano’s vision for K-12 education is straightforward: the vast majority of schools can be highly effective in promoting student learning. To show how, he created the Marzano Academies Model. Take advantage of this new collection of microlearnings that supports educators with implementing competency-based teaching and learning in their classrooms.

All Grade Levels

Extend those fun, summer feelings to the classroom this back-to-school season by bringing back Shark Week! In case you missed it this year—or just want to see all of this astonishing content again—plunge into our Shark Week Channel to find your favorite Shark Week programming. Grab curriculum-aligned lesson starters to help use this fin-tastic content in class and fortify the STEM concepts within.

Grades 6-12

Commemorate National Women’s Equality Day with incredible stories of groundbreaking women whose legacies have stood the test of time. Visit our Womanica Channel and hear about Martha Hughes Cannon, a women’s rights activist, suffragist, state senator, and even polygamous wife who was heavily involved in the fight for national suffrage. Then browse the full podcast collection to find bite-sized, audio biographies of women you may or may not know, but whose impact has changed the world.

This powerful podcast series is produced by our partners at Wonder Media Network, a women-led company that uses stories to inspire action, promote equality and justice, and introduce empathy into politics, business, and culture. Visit the Womanica Channel now to dig into the narratives of women who are stepping up to enact change.

No matter what you teach or how your students learn, we’re here to give you what you need, right when you need it.
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