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Violin Master Pro Online Violin Course – My 3 Minute Review

Violin Master Pro Online Violin Course – My 3 Minute Review

Today I will be reviewing Violin Master Pro by Eric Lewis. Violin Master Pro is a set of videos and mp3s that you use to learn violin. It was created by Eric Lewis, a violinist with over 40 years experience playing and teaching. Eric Lewis was also once a member of the Manhattan string quartet and has given over a 1000 concerts during his career. He has a lot of passion for violin and fills these video lessons full to overflowing with his knowledge and experience.

Violin Master Pro is suitable for any age or skill level it doesn’t matter how old or young you are or if you’ve never picked up a violin before. Another nice thing is that it is a digital product which means that as soon as you finish paying for it you get to download the videos and mp3’s to your PC this is great because it means that there is no driving to the store or waiting for the mail to arrive. Also it is only $29.95 which is next to nothing compared to the cost of real violin lessons or other violin video lessons.

Now let me give you my personal thoughts on Violin Master Pro, I have been using it for several months now and compared to all the other violin video lessons I have watched it is probably the best program on the market. What I like most about this program is the amount of teaching you get there are literally hundreds of videos and mp3s that cover everything imaginable from beginner basics like how to hold the bow and violin to advanced concepts like sight reading, ear training and improvisation. You will also learn to play songs in many different styles such as classical, rock, pop, country, bluegrass and hip hop.

Eric Lewis also gives out many little secret tips and hints, insider knowledge that can only come from someone who has the amount of playing experience that he does. If you are stuck in your playing or just need that little extra push then I highly suggest giving Violin Master Pro you have nothing to lose and trust me once you try it for yourself you will never look back.