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Violin Master Pro Review – Help You Master the Violin

Violin Master Pro Review – Help You Master the Violin


When the Violin Master Pro package is delivered you will be amazed at the size of the package! Violin Master Pro consists of 11 video lessons as well as step-by-step instructions. Included in the package is a range of exercises and scales. A particularly innovative idea, which is also included in this large package, is MP3s that you can play along to when you practice and, if used properly can be a wonderful addition to the formal lessons. The other thing that comes with your membership is membership to the online Violin Master Pro website.

The violin is not an easy instrument to master – and I’m talking from experience! However, with practice and following these lessons, there is no reason why you should not gain valuable experience from this Violin Master Pro membership. If, after giving it a good try and learning the violin is simply not for you “and I can understand why”, Violin Master Pro offers a 60 day money-back guarantee that covers everything in the package – so, basically, there is nothing to lose.

An Ear For Music.

When I first started learning the violin at the age of 8 my violin teacher placed sticky tapes beneath the strings in the places where I had to place my fingers until I got used to the positions. Even using the Violin Master Pro there is nothing to stop you getting somebody to do this for you if you don’t have a spot-on ear for music. It doesn’t need to be there for long, just long enough for you to build up your confidence at the very beginning. – that’s my own advice, by the way! Personally, if your ear for music is pretty well developed then this Violin Master Pro course by Edward Lewis is probably the best there is.

Video Tuition.

Without harping on, when I began playing there was no such thing as video or the internet. Perhaps if there had been I would have been a virtuoso by now – I doubt that! However, don’t under-estimate the learning you can pick up from being taught by video. Apart from that, it is fun as well. One of the good things about learning by video is that you can stop and start it until you have got your playing to sound much like the video: it becomes a challenge! My advice, if I were learning to play the violin all over again from scratch, would be to invest in the Violin Master Pro course. For the amount of teaching material that comes with your membership, the investment is well worth the money.