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Virtual Field Trips for Back to School

Virtual Field Trips for Back to School

Start the school year right with these fun Virtual Field Trips!

Find creative ways to connect students to the real world through Virtual Field Trips that introduce them to present challenges, future possibilities, and potential career pathways. Register for our two new Virtual Field Trips debuting this September, and check out a few others that are perfect for kickstarting student minds this fall.  

DNA Decoded

Grades 6-12

Join us on September 15 at 1:00 PM ET for the premiere of Genomics: Decoding the Language of Life Virtual Field Trip. Go inside a state-of-the-art DNA sequencing lab to show your students how innovations in genomics are helping fight diseases, improve natural habitats, and even combat hunger!

The Illumina Foundation and Discovery Education partnered to create DNA Decoded and inspire middle and high school teachers to unlock the power of genomics and impact the future of their students. Along with impactful Virtual Field Trips, DNA Decoded provides ready-to-go, standards-aligned lessons and activities for teachers and students to explore the ways they can see genomics in their everyday lives.


Grades 6-12

There’s loads of work to get done at the copper mine—and we need your help! Start planning now for the launch of Haul! An Interactive STEM Learning Adventure on September 22 at 1:00 PM ET. Let students take the wheel of a 2-story high mining truck to see what it’s like navigating a mining operation while using their STEM skills. Register today for this new, gamified STEM adventure to get early access to the companion Educator Guide with activities and tips for implementation in the classroom.

Brought to you in partnership with Freeport-McMoRan and DE, Dig Into Mining – The Story of Copper is an interactive educational program that uncovers the use of metals such as copper in our everyday life, and provides students with a deeper understanding of today’s hard rock mining industry. The goal is to equip educators, students and families with dynamic resources designed to give students a front row seat to nature’s geological wonders and inspire further exploration of the world around them.

American Ideals

Grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

Take students on the American Ideals Virtual Field Trip to give them the tools to develop their civic voice in everyday life and build their best future, while using the values upon which our nation was founded. Get a look inside The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and show a new generation of young Americans how leadership, communication, and informed action unite people for the greater good. You’ll also hear from students around the country who are pioneering change in their communities.

The American Ideals Virtual Field Trip is available through Civics Connected and our partnership with The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute. Through compelling, real-world content for classrooms and beyond, Civics Connected empowers students of all backgrounds with a working knowledge of democracy, and the skills needed for creating change. Explore America’s use of civic action throughout history, using our standards-aligned resources for students in grades 5–12.

Sustainable Futures

Grades 5-10

Check out the Sustainable Futures Virtual Field Trip and inspire students to think big about how companies and individuals can challenge what’s possible. Students will be transported onto Trane Technologies’ campuses, meeting diverse and dynamic professionals who will fuel their creativity with examples of out-of-the-box thinking, as well as actions that create a lasting, positive impact.

Sustainable Futures is a program from Discovery Education and Trane Technologies that provides resources that inspire students to learn, explore, innovate, and lead us to a healthier world. Be sure to explore these interactive classroom tools that help you connect important real-world sustainability goals to everyday challenges for students.

Winning with STEM

Grades 3-5, 6-8

Take students inside the mindset of Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky to learn how she embraces new obstacles in life and uses science, technology, and math to maximize her performance. “STEM opens up a world of possibilities,” says Ledecky. “We’re not intimidated by the hard or the complicated. [It] gives us crucial skills and a strong foundation that we can apply to countless situations in school, at home, in life…and even in the pool!” Watch as she shows students her formula for an Olympic-level performance, proving just how useful these skills can be for overcoming challenges and achieving their goals.

Brought to you by DE and Panasonic, this STEM Forward Virtual Field Trip and accompanying learning resources encourage students to tackle problems they care about using an engineering design process inspired by Panasonic’s approach to innovation. Immerse students in each step of engineering to consider challenges that are meaningful to them. Then let them explore potential STEM careers where they could apply these new solution-seeking skills.

Operation Build It

Grades 6-12

Give students the tools to embrace DIY projects and start making things happen in their everyday lives with the Operation Build It Virtual Field Trip. Students will be joined by super-skilled DIYers as they learn how to set up a workshop anywhere and tackle real challenges that they’re passionate about. Perfect for summer hobbies!

Made possible through our partnership with The Home Depot, this is the latest in our collaborative collection of resources that help STEAM-powered classrooms and homes across the country as they prepare students for the careers of tomorrow.

Explore our Virtual Field Trips Channel to see all of the exciting experiences available to pique every student’s curiosity, no matter the grade or subject!

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