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Why Should I Use Technology in My Classroom

Why Should I Use Technology in My Classroom

There are lots of reasons both pro and con for using technology in your classroom. Let’s have a look at them before we begin to effectively implement technology into your classroom.

What Has Changed in Education?

  • The tools teachers are using (i.e. Software & Hardware)
  • The role of the teacher (i.e. Facilitator)
  • Communication with the community (i.e. Parents)
  • Linked to the world (i.e. Digital pen pals)
  • Students skills (i.e. Technical)
  • Access to information (i.e. Google, Wikipedia)

What Hasn’t Changed in Education?

  • Challenges of being a child
  • Parent responsibilities
  • Need for a teacher
  • Need for structured time
  • Need for unstructured time
  • Need for student to feel safe
  • Need to communicate
  • Listening is still key

Education has gone through various changes over the centuries. However, none has been greater than the one occurring in this technological age. For the first time the way learning occurs is truly changing. Educators have limitless resources at their finger tips and have access to technology that can help them deliver their lessons effectively and efficiently. Students have vast stores of information at their fingertips and already have technological knowledge to access this information even before entering the classroom. Students are not overwhelmed or intimidate by technology and many times are more.

Ten Reasons to Use Technology in Today’s Classroom

  • Instant access to enormous amounts of information
  • Fast and efficient
  • Superb feedback
  • Today’s students speak “tech”
  • Engages the learner
  • Prepares them for a “tech” based world
  • Outside experts are available
  • A window to the world
  • It is fun to use
  • Teacher learns continuously

Ten reasons Not to Use Technology in Today’s Classroom

  • Too expensive
  • Confusing and complex
  • No support systems
  • No support personnel
  • Time consuming
  • Not an effective teaching method
  • Takes away from teacher student relationship
  • Teacher not trained to use it
  • Students will be distracted
  • Teacher becomes automated

It is too expensive, too complicated; it is not an effective method of teaching… These are just some of excuses governments, schools board and teachers give for not utilizing the power of technology more frequently in the classroom. However, if educators and administrators make a commitment to integrate the technology that is making businesses and our personal lives more efficient into our flailing education systems…the success of our students will be staggering and the future possibilities for the education will be limitless.