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15 Spanish/Bilingual Books that Promote Kindness in the Classroom – Bilingual Marketplace

15 Spanish/Bilingual Books that Promote Kindness in the Classroom – Bilingual Marketplace

In Actos bondadosos, beginning readers will discover about all the approaches they can be variety and thoughtful in their daily lives. Lively, complete-color shots and very carefully leveled text have interaction youthful visitors as they uncover how they can build character by showing kindness. 

2. ¿Has Llenado una Cubeta Hoy?: Una Guía Diaria de Felicidad para Niños 

by Carol McCloud (Bilingual)

15 Spanish/Bilingual Books that Promote Kindness in the Classroom – Bilingual Marketplace

Your university might be already using the system of “filling a buckets” and we are so happy there is a bilingual variation readily available. Did you know this is the updated and revised variation? 

  This heartwarming e book encourages good conduct by employing the concept of an invisible bucket to present kids how easy and satisfying it is to express kindness, appreciation and adore by “filling buckets.”

3.Super Heroes are Tremendous Kind 

Los superheroes son superamables by Kathy Cleaver (Bilingual)

Bilingual books about kindness

Ricky  “saves the day” with kindness and learns to be variety to himself, other folks, animals and the earth.

4.Share and Acquire Turns/Comparte y convertby Cheri J. Meiners M.Ed. (Bilingual)

 Bilingual books about kindness

Sharing is a social ability all youngsters have to have to discover. This ebook presents sharing as a optimistic choice and provides concrete examples to assistance children apply getting turns and notice the benefits of sharing.

This reserve also  includes a special area for grownups, with dialogue concerns, game titles, things to do, and guidelines that boost improving upon social expertise.

5. I Like Your Buttons! by Sarah Marwill Lamstein (Bilingual) 

Bilingual books about kindness

“I like your buttons, Mrs. Sutton-Jones!” Sort words can be contagious. Cassandra’s straightforward compliment to her teacher begins off a chain reaction of kindness by way of the teachers and college students at university, adults at perform, and families at home. Quickly, the whole neighborhood is in a fantastic mood! Cassandra’s kindheartedness arrives comprehensive circle when her father arrives residence with a surprise, which Cassandra inadvertently helped occur. Discover how quickly variety phrases can distribute and how effortless it is to be a good particular person, all while studying a new language! 

6. Anabel’s Sneakers / Los Zapatos de Anabel by Frances Ruiz (Bilingual)

Bilingual books about kindness

Be grateful for what you have! A wonderfully illustrated bilingual tale about a younger girl on a journey via a forest total of helpful animals. She learns a lesson on the kindness of others and appreciating what she has. Subsequent the motion of training kindness and critical social values, this is an excellent story for mom and dad to browse collectively with their youngsters and initiate conversations on useful life lessons.

7. Cuenta con mi amabilidad by Debby Anderson (Spanish)

Spanish books about kindness

In this fun, colourful guide, young children will master how to be form to many others although acquiring essential math skills these as addition, subtraction, counting, measuring, and far more.

8. Sharing Time / Tiempo para compartir by Elizabeth Verdick (Bilingual)

Bilingual books about kindness

At times it’s enjoyment to share, and often it is tough. In equally English and Spanish, this reserve offers  uncomplicated selections (consider turns, use it alongside one another, wait for a different time) to make sharing less complicated, and displays them the place to convert for support when sharing is challenging. 

9.Bondad (Sentimientos) by Sarah Medina (Spanish)

Spanish books about kindness

In this book, children take a look at the feeling of caring how to figure out it and how to consider proper motion when they have these emotions.

10. Pablo Pineda: Ser diferente es un valor (Lo que de verdad importa) (Bilingual)

Bilingual books about kindness

Pablo Pineda is the to start with European with Down Syndrome to attain a college diploma.    A instructor, a author, and an actor, he radiates charisma and the will to master. This is his endearing story, which reminds us that the only disability is not understanding that all of us have distinct abilities.  This guide is also readily available in English: Pablo Pineda: Becoming different is a value (What Definitely Issues)


11.Pastel para enemigos / Enemy Pie by Derek Munson (Spanish) Authentic edition is in English

A young boy’s summer time is ruined when a new child in city will become his quantity one enemy. Thankfully the boy’s father has a recipe for enemy pie that will help you save the day. Enemy pie only operates if the two enemies invest the whole day collectively. Alongside the way they come to be good friends. This charming ebook teaches the relevance of an open head and the inaccuracy of prejudices.

12. Palms Are Not for Hitting / Las manos no son para pegar by Martine Agassi (Bilingual)

Bilingual books about kindness

Students discover that hitting is never alright, arms can do quite a few superior points, and absolutely everyone is able of positive, loving steps. Incorporates guidelines for older people. 

13.El primer San Valentin de Clifford  by Norman Bridwell (Spanish) 

Bilingual books about kindness  

Clifford is a favourite in quite a few lessons. On this book, he is so very small that he can suit into Emily Elizabeth’s pocket, the small red pup Clifford receives into a heap of issues as he receives protected with valentine paste, falls into a article office chute, and disappears in a mountain of mail. Unique.


14.Huggy Kissy/Abrazos y besitos by Leslie Patricelli (Bilingual)

Bilingual books about kindness

When you are an adorable bald toddler, your household finds a lot of means to clearly show you how substantially they really like you: Mommy lifts you uppy, Daddy kisses you on the tummy, and anyone wants to snuggle. What is not to like? With comedy and warmth, Leslie Patricelli features a universal tribute to like and affection in a board e-book that is now readily available in a dual Spanish-English version.

15.Converse and Perform It Out / Hablar y resolver by Cheri J. Meiners (Bilingual)

Bilingual books about kindness

What is the greatest way to address problems amongst folks? By conversing them over and doing the job them out. It’s never far too shortly for kids to discover the method of tranquil conflict resolution. This book distills it into obvious, straightforward language and supporting illustrations. Kids learn to tranquil by themselves, condition the challenge, hear, consider of remedies, test one particular, evaluate success, and even concur to disagree when a resolution is not achievable. Contains conflict resolution talent making video games and purpose plays for older people to use with young children.  


16.La amabilidad es mi Superpoder: un libro para niños sobre la empatía, el cariño y la solidaridad (Spanish Version) (My Superpower Publications) by Alicia Ortego


This charming story with tranquil rhymes and colorful illustrations will reveal to the reader that it is all right to make a error and say I’m sorry. Lucas will teach your little one very good manners and favourable habits at home, at faculty, in the retail store, and on the playground.