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A Comparative Analysis Of MS Paint And Adobe Photoshop

A Comparative Analysis Of MS Paint And Adobe Photoshop

Do you love manipulating images? If yes, then graphics editing is an area of interest for you. The very first editor that comes to our mind for this is Microsoft Paint or MS Paint or simply Paint. However, due to advanced technologies, professionals prefer Adobe Photoshop now these days. Let’s try to understand about its creative suite, which is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe and initially released in the year 1990.

Both Photoshop Light Room and Photoshop Element together compose the Adobe Photoshop family. The two released editions are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Extended. In the latter, some of the interesting features are its three-dimensional image creations, motion graphics editing and advanced image analysis features. Therefore, it is in great demand by the digital professionals and it has become a standard in digital color editing.

As per the dimensional details, the height and width of a Photoshop document file is 30,000 pixels and length limit is about three gigabytes. Available in 27 languages, this software has a global appeal. It consists of many of plug-ins which are add-on programs. Some of the best among these are color correction plug-ins (Nic On one, Alien Skin); special effects plug-ins (AV Bros, Alien Skin) and for 3D effects (Strata, Andromeda).

You can pay for these plug-ins and if you want to buy a free of cost special plug-in then can check out Adobe Camera Raw. The benefit of using this plug-in is an easy readability and processing. Now, let’s do a comparative analysis of both the graphical image editors MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop CS and understand that how the latter is better than former.

In terms of availability, if you install the Microsoft Office suite in any computer or system, you will see an automatic installation of MS-Paint. For Adobe Photoshop, you need to buy its package. For the beginners, nothing is better than MS Paint as it is easy to use and understand. However, for advanced technical features, you need to learn Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop supports multiple layers and all images in MS-Paint have one layer only. Professional editors need filters and retouching options in the software for image editing. Also, the sensitive projects such as photo restoration, which need editing without disturbing the details, the filters and retouching options available in Photoshop, are useful.

In MS Paint there is neither any restoration tool nor any smudging option that allows artists to create a digital work similar to create a work similar to their hand drawn work. Also, it keeps you restricted in terms of interoperability, only Windows supports it. On the contrary, both Windows and MAC computers are Photoshop friendly.

Apart from Adobe Photoshop, the latest sensation is Adobe CC (Cloud Creation) which gives a user a complete package of graphic designing, video editing, web development, photography and cloud services. You can easily download it and can use it. So what you are waiting for? Give a try to this new and creative platform and enjoy.