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A New Course to Empower Confident Math Thinkers

A New Course to Empower Confident Math Thinkers

A New Course to Empower Confident Math Thinkers

What does it definitely imply for students to be fluent in math? Hint: It is not just about primary specifics! In our new study course 5222: Math Fluency Over and above the Specifics, you’ll challenge the conventional narrative of fluency. Rather than memorization, regurgitation, and velocity, fluency is rooted in conceptual comprehension, involving flexible wondering, reasoning, and creativeness. 

Best for any person who teaches or supports K-8 arithmetic, this training course balances relatable study with usable pursuits to assistance you change your classroom practices and assessments toward a fluency method. 

We deliver a robust selection of strategies, games, and functions, offering you the tools you have to have to create a robust foundation of fluency and will empower confident mathematical thinkers.

Choose a glimpse at 3 of the math fluency myths (and similar truths) we debunk all over the study course:


If reading about these myths left you a bit disoriented, it is okay! Through your perform in this new program, you’ll embark on a journey to gain improved clarity, and prioritize an solution to math fluency grounded in fact and research.

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Math Fluency Beyond the Details

System 5222 | 3-Credits | Gr. K-8

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