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Ang Lee’s Oscar for ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and Jane Lin’s Academy Award

Ang Lee’s Oscar for ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and Jane Lin’s Academy Award

For years, after earning his post-graduate degree from New York University, the ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Oscar-winning director, Ang Lee could find no job. He had to stay at home and survive on his wife, Jane Lin’s income as a microbioligist. Most women in Jane’s position would have gravitated quietly away from a ‘loser’ husband into stronger arms. But, Jane stood by her husband.

For some time, after finishing his studies and in the throes of despair because of unemployment, Ang Lee toyed with the idea of studying computer science to improve his chances of finding work. But, Jane would have none of it. She believed in her husband and wanted him to concentrate on his love, film-making, job or no job.

Jane’s belief, support and love finally began yielding results and Ang Lee came to be recognized as a genius director and his, or shall we say, Jane’s crowning glory came with Ang Lee’s, Best director Award for his celebrated film, ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

Without belittling Ang Lee’s success, I believe the one that really deserves an award is Jane Lin.

‘Behind every successful man, there’s a woman’! The truth of the proverb is amply borne out by Jane’s story of love, support, trust and belief. How often we have heard the word ‘loser’ hurled at people who have enjoyed little or mediocre success. How often, friends and family have quickly deserted labelled ‘losers’. Yet, there are losers who go on to win with a little love and support from, perhaps, the one person who is the most important one in their lives.

We have no institutions that recognize the kind of work that Jane Lin has done. There are no glittering ceremonies that lay out the red carpet in the glare of the world’s media for people like Jane. However, if an individual could present awards, I would choose Jane Lin for a special Academy Award for producing the ‘World’s Best Film Director’ for that is what Jane has done – produced a winning director from the raw material of a loser!