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DIY Costume Ideas for Teachers—On the Cheap!

DIY Costume Ideas for Teachers—On the Cheap!

The school year has begun, and the calendar pushes on towards Halloween. And although many general public educational institutions don’t participate in the ghoul and goblin-laden holiday getaway, academics seldom want a cause to get dressed up and be part of the exciting!

Expanding up in a relatives that creatively cobbled alongside one another costumes, and relished a fantastic costume-up costume on event, I really feel capable to share these concepts. I have sifted by means of a Pinterest board or two, and located some cheap and Diy costumes that’ll support you rock your following gown-up option!

DIY Costume Ideas for Teachers—On the Cheap!

Dollar keep for name tags- Growth. You are an identity thief. Level up and get a burglar’s mask for a plausible “thief.”

You can also hit the dollar shop to search for multicolored round “dot” stickers. Place them on a gray sweatshirt, and you’re a sickness! Go the further mile and set stickers on colleagues and learners to “infect” them.

Graphic from: By using @JENNYREE86/INSTAGRAM


Hawaiian Punch: seize your favored Hawaiian shirt and find some boxing gloves. 

“Bee”yonce: a tiny a lot more included if you duplicate this costume, but come across a yellow shirt and black electrical tape (or the reverse), add a tiara (or a tinfoil covered Burger King crown) and you’re Queen Bee- the bee OR Beyoncé. 

Hold the bee look, set letters all around and have all around a trophy: Spelling Bee!

Ceiling fan: get a workforce jersey and tape copied shots of a ceiling admirer to it. Increase pom poms, beads, and other favored sporting activities equipment (the giant #1 would be excellent!). 

The white haired gent in the picture earlier mentioned is supposed to be “fantasy football”…I recommend introducing a wizard hat (make your own out of black construction paper) and a wand made from a dowel.


Be a Sneech from Dr. Seuss’ The Sneeches. Have on yellow and place a green star or 2 on your stomach. Really encourage colleagues to wear 1 or 2 stars on thars.

Want to be Massive Bird? Obtain a yellow boa, and put feathers on the best of your head and on your sides. Uncover a yellow beak (or make one particular with cardboard), and orange and pink striped socks. 

1 much more yellow shirt idea: add blue cat ears and 4 buttons to become Pete the Cat.


I’m a enthusiast of this concept for its simplicity! Decide on your favourite emoji, then slice a circle out of cardboard. Paint it yellow then beautify appropriately. Use items of duct tape to protected it to your outfits.

Cardboard circles can be applied for numerous distinct ideas: M&Ms, balloons, The Dot, a indication, or words and phrases as a element of your costume. More compact circles of crimson, yellow, and green on a yellow or black shirt could be a stoplight.


Grammar Police(undoubtedly my costume this 12 months!):

Note the pad of paper and Liquid Paper in the toolbelt. You could have variants on this costume with Kindness Law enforcement (distribute coronary heart stickers), Humor Law enforcement (notify poor jokes, carry a clown horn)- so many excellent solutions for this one particular!



Other noteworthy suggestions:

Black-eyed Pea: Black makeup all-around an eye, and tape (or cloth paint) to put a “P” on your shirt.

Mario: Crimson shirt, blue overalls, an M taped to the front of a repurposed pink hat.

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Purple shirt with pink “D”s on each sleeve, black leggings (scissors), tape a couple parts of extensive-dominated to your shirt (paper), put on a black or brown garbage bag and things full of newspaper (rock).

Literature characters: Attempt bringing it back to some of the outdated classics together with the well-liked present-day people: Scout or Atticus Finch, Hardy Boys, Ramona Quimby, Superfudge…a large selection of selections!  Place on a cape (bedsheet) and crown (see “Bee”yonce), get a handful of plastic or building paper flies= Lord of the Flies!

Gown up as your teaching buddy/hero: Students love this, specifically when they can determine out who’s who!

I have saved the ideal for very last: my all-time preferred costume to knock the socks off your colleagues and pupils:


I saw this costume once “in the wild,” and can honestly say it was breathtaking. Go to the Virtually the True Detail weblog post for uncomplicated-to-observe instructions.

No matter what your creation, embrace your creative imagination and problem yourself to come across a way to fit your temperament or the power of your team. Share pics of your costume with us on social media!

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