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Emigrate to Spain

Emigrate to Spain

Emigrate to Spain, WHAT? Why would you want to go to Spain of all places!

These were some of the shocking expressions we faced from people when they first heard about our intention to move to our new home country called Spain. For many Spain is not a well-known destination when people start exploring the possibilities of finding an alternative home, especially when things are starting to become hostile in their home country.

When one find articles covering the topic of emigration, countries of reference such as Canada, New Zealand, Panama, Portugal or Australia are normally being promoted in social media and news, with hardly any reference to Spain. When delving a bit deeper into facts, statistics of countries and what they offer their citizens, one would soon discover that to emigrate to Spain could be a very attractive alternative to the options normally advertised in the media and stated above.

Why would one emigrate to Spain?

When one first set out exploring different options of finding a new country to live in, one would soon discover that there is such a vast amount of information to consume, that attempting to makes ends meet of all these snippets of information is simply impossible. Below I have attempted to summarise some of the key aspects of Spain that we have determined important as to why one would choose Spain as a country to emigrate to.


Spain is currently ranked as very safe and holds the 17th position out of 162 on the safest and most dangerous countries in the world ranking.

Low cost residency options

Spain offers residency in various ways, and at a much cheaper rate than residency offered by other countries.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Spain is one of the lowest of all the European countries because many products are locally grown.

Economic climate

The economic climate in Spain has become very stable and is economic growth is improving year-on-year since the market crash in 2008.


According to the Bloomberg 2019 Healthiest Country Index, Spain is listed as the ‘healthiest’ country in which to live.


What made Spain also attractive was the fact that if you are a tax resident in Spain you qualify for a state pension.

Schools and education

The cost of education in Spain is one of the lowest in the world as public schools are free for children up to an age of 16 and with over 80 universities the country offers superb opportunities for young people who wants to improve their vocational qualifications.

Climate and beauty of Spain

What is amazing is that the beauty of the countryside and coastal areas, as well as the climate is ideal for people requiring a country with a climate that does not fluctuates too.

Closing thoughts on why one should consider emigrating to Spain

The above points summarise just some of the key aspects we found to be important factors which needs considering when one explores options of another country to emigrate to.

Consult the Spanish consulate website also for further valuable reading.