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Eurostar Connections – Travel From Oxford To Paris By Eurostar

Eurostar Connections – Travel From Oxford To Paris By Eurostar

If you are bookish, little bit conservative and elite then Oxford is a privileged place for you. Oxford is one of the world’s most famous university towns and yet remarkably restrained for a city driven by its student population. It’s the kind of place where the pursuit of excellence, the weight of academic achievement and the whiff of intellectual ideals is palpable as soon as you get off the bus.

The basic reason behind your trip to this fabulous place is to explore London’s surrounding areas during a day trip, fancy themselves a student at the world famous Oxford University or pay homage to C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and the Inklings.

Although Oxford University is not as exclusive as it used to be in the old days, the rowing contests between Oxford and Cambridge still take place and many of the colleges are not open to the public when the stressful time of important exams shows its face again to the students with a good scholarship or a copiously filled wallet. However, when they are accessible to the public, the thirty university ‘castles’ are a must-see.


If you are looking forward to travel Oxford then Eurostar is the best traveling option you have. Eurostar with its thrilling speed of 186 mph make your journey more stress free and comfortable. You can travel from Oxford and to Oxford with the same price as Eurostar teamed up with several UK train-operating companies.

You just need to hop on the connecting train from Oxfrod stations to London St Pancras International and the onward journey to Paris and Brussels with high speed Eurostar trains. The whole journey from Oxford to Paris will take 4hr 30 min and to Brussels it will take 4hr 35 min. The return fare started from £69.