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FAT (Field Analysis Test)

FAT (Field  Analysis Test)

Students are the future leaders who, after their matriculation needs proper supervision about the field to embark upon. Field opting is quiet difficult nut for students to crack. Amateur selection without having curiosity in that field leads towards dreary future.

The main psychological problem which most of the students faces is an inappropriate knowledge about the fields to select from.
In this article, you will not only discover yourself as your own mentor to select the best Intermediate group, but would also know your capabilities and skills, with the help of FAT (Field Assessment Test).
Remember that you will have to spend two years to achieve HSC (Higher School Certificate).

Let us first review the groups you can jump in after your matriculation.

Pre-Medical: One of the best and highly prestigious fields for all those, who want to serve humanity in their future.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics are the major subjects, which will be taught to you during your Pre-Medical.

This Higher certificate would lead you towards the following major fields in the future:

Bachelors in Dental Surgery (BDS)

Bachelors in Medicine, Bachelors and Surgery (MBBS)

Bachelors in Science (Bio-Technology, Nursing, Zoology, Botany, Genetic Engineering, etc.)

Bachelors in Pharmacy and Doctorate in Pharmacy (D.Pharm)

Pre- Engineering

For all those, who want to be a Computer Scientist, Pilot or an Engineer, they should select Engineering group for their bright future.

Instead of Biology, you’ll have to study Mathematics. The other subjects are same.

This course would lead you towards the following major courses

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Bachelors in Electronics (B.E)

Bachelors in Computer Science (BCS/BS)

Bachelors of Engineering in Tele Communication

Bachelors in Architecture, Aeronautical Engineer, Mathematics, etc.

Computer Science

If you love spending most of your time on computer, not just for chatting, but also for learning new ideas about Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Web Designing, Computer Languages, etc., then your Computer Science is waiting for you.

Instead of Biology, you’ll have to study Computer. The other main subjects are same.

After pursuing your Intermediate, you could move on to either of the following:

Bachelors in Information Technology (BIT)

Bachelors in Computer Science (BCS/BS)

Bachelors in Digital Media

Commerce (I.Com)

If you like to manage your home account, or are interested in stock exchange news and reviews, then enter Commerce.

If You Choose Commerce you will have to study Economics, Accountancy, Business Mathematics, Commercial Geography and Principles of Commerce during two years of time.

After pursuing your Intermediate, you could move on to either of the following:

Bachelors in Commerce (B.Com)

Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelors in Public Administration (BPA)

Bachelors in Management Mathematics & Statistics

Chartered Accountant (CA)

Associate of the Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)


Are you artistic? Do you like criticizing things around you? Do you have an imaginary skill? If yes, then you should opt for Humanities group.

You will have to select any 4 subjects out of a wide range of options, including, psychology, education, Islamic studies, history, sociology, economics, etc.

After pursuing Intermediate, you can move towards either field:

Bachelor in Mass Communication

Bachelor of Arts (General Group)

Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences

Bachelors in Journalism

Bachelors in Fashion Designing (BFD)

Bachelors in Education (B.Ed)

Bachelors in Hotel Management

Bachelors in Arts (could select any subjects of your interest)

Home Economics

This group is famous among girls in our society, who likes home decoration, cooking food, sewing, etc.

You will have to study Food and Nutrition and other elective subjects.

After Intermediate, you can move towards any field as of Humanities with an inclusion of fields like food and beverages degree, hair cutting or beautician degree, etc.

DBA (Diploma in Business Administration)

This diploma is equivalent to intermediate and offers wide range of courses of Commerce. After this course, you can move towards any field as of Commerce.

DAE (Diploma in Associate Engineering)

This Diploma is also famous for those, who are technically interested, rather than studying course books. You can move on to any field of Engineering afterwards.

There are many more unlimited liberal fields with unlimited opportunities for all of you after Intermediate, like Movie Directing, Photography, Politics, Freelance Writing, E-commerce, Operators, Administrators, etc. You should concentrate on it after completion of your Higher Secondary Certification.

Centralised Admission Policy, (CAP) form will be made available soon in all the banks. Under the CAP rules, the prospective students of first year classes at the government colleges and higher secondary schools will be required to produce his/her matriculation mark sheets for obtaining the admission booklet and placement form.

Students have to fill out their relevant information about their matriculation. They have to select five best colleges of their choices and would have to write their names in respective columns.
You can also choose any of the private colleges offering Higher School Certificate, whose admission has already been started.

If you are still confuse what to do and where to go; just consult some Student Counsellor in your area. I am presenting FAT (Field Analysis Test), which has been designed after an extensive research conducted by me. This short-term test would readily help you greatly to know your interest, so that you could select the best field without being hesitant.

Answer the following questions:

1. Which one of the following would best describe your interest?

Movie and Music


Surfing Net

Web Designing

Playing Games

Experimenting Things


Playing Mind Games

Making Creative Things

2. Which one is your Favorite subject?







Commercial Geography




Pakistan Studies

Home Economics

Art and Craft


3. Which Subject you hate the most in your school life.







Commercial Geography




Pakistan Studies

Home Economics

Art and Craft


4. What were your results in your Secondary school classes


Very Good




5. Select the trait that applies you the most.


Reasonable and Reliable

Responsible, Organized and Calm








Open Minded

Short Tempered

6. Whom do you inspire the most?

Athletic coach

Hair stylist

Physical therapist






Web Designer



Social worker



Movie Director



Food service manager



7.How many hours could you spend on studies?

Less than 1 hour

1-3 hours

3-6 hours

6-9 hours

You do not need a psychologist or a counsellor to evaluate your questionnaire.
Just fill out the questionnaire and give it to your siblings or your parents to vividly know your interest, which could be revealed, if most of the answers to the questions are similar in nature.
Copy down your answers separately on a sheet and evaluate the similarities.

Here is an example to evaluate your interest:

If most of the answers are related to artistic things and creativity, with open mindedness, then Humanities or Home Economic is good for you.
In the same manner, do for the rest.
Best of luck for your future endeavors to embark upon!