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Innovation Does Not Equal Technology – George Couros

Innovation Does Not Equal Technology – George Couros

I was adhering to a latest discussion about the strategy of “innovation” frequently remaining synonymous with “using technology.”

In “The Innovator’s Attitude,” I determine innovation in the pursuing way:



“I’m defining innovation as a way of considering that creates anything new and improved.

Innovation can come from either “invention” (a little something absolutely new) or “iteration” (a change of some thing that now exists), but if it does not meet up with the concept of “new and greater,” it is not modern.

That suggests that change for the sake of improve is under no circumstances good ample.”  


Can innovation and engineering be linked? Of training course.

For example, if a college student is struggling with examining text and you can use an iPad to enlarge text that will assistance the scholar in that procedure, that is a good way to use engineering to build a “new and better” understanding option.

It may well be very simple, but I would take into consideration that revolutionary because it is encouraging the youngster increase their mastering.

So let’s choose a diverse instance that utilizes technology. 

Is utilizing a “scantron” an modern exercise?  

Depends on what the aim is, I guess.

Right here is a basic case in point of how this engineering use designed my practice even worse.

Early in my profession, when I was training at the large faculty amount, we gained a scantron at the university. As shortly as attainable, I created each and every solitary evaluation in my class numerous decision that calendar year to make grading easier for me. 

If the “new and better” target was preserving me time, I guess it labored.

But did it strengthen learning for the students?


Can you use a scantron in methods that could aid student discovering? It’s possible. I just know that I did not in the instance I just shared.

So the issue of what is the difficulty you are seeking to address is also crucial to the notion of innovation.

Just take, for case in point, a management apply regarding the use of time.

I was quite conscious of staff members time on expert studying days. As a teacher, a apply I noticed by my previous administrators was sending out an e mail and asking “staff, “what objects would you like additional to the “agenda?”

That query could direct to an unlimited dialogue that didn’t apply to the bulk of staff in the area, and it would frequently lead to stress amongst myself and other individuals, emotion we could be applying that treasured quantity of time in a superior way.

Knowledge this and wondering about the observe from the viewpoint of my staff members, I improved the issue to this “Are there any items you would like to incorporate to the agenda that you are inclined to converse to?

From time to time, this would direct to me modifying the space where discussions had been held centered on the strategy if they were not proper to the full staff members (i.e., Could we converse about grade 2 setting up time?) 

It was a straightforward alteration to a issue that would conserve employees a ton of time in our conferences to benefit from that time in methods they felt to be more effective.

To be impressive, we have to start off by not only asking what dilemma are we making an attempt to remedy but also who will this assist?

If the apply does not lead to a thing “new and better” for individuals we serve in education, it should not be viewed as ground breaking.