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Is Learning By Distance Education For You?

Is Learning By Distance Education For You?

What exactly is distance education? Is it the right path of study for you?

Well according to the definition in ‘Wikipedia’ distance education, or distance learning, is a field of education that focuses on the pedagogy, technology, and instructional system designs that aim to deliver education to students who are not physically “on site” in a traditional classroom or campus. It has been described as “a process to create and provide access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and distance, or both.

Being a teacher and working in an environment of distance learning, I have the opportunity to teach by distance education. We as teachers have to be able to connect with our students in a way that can help them achieve their goals and also be able to motivate them to study. Some students who take up courses with our organization live in remote areas and yet they are keen learners. Students who undertake courses by distance education have to be really motivated and committed to learning. They must have a structured study plan and must be able to dedicate their time and effort into completing their assignments on time and the exams.

Distance education is a great way to achieve your career goals, whether you’re looking to:

  • Start your career
  • Changing careers
  • Building new skills
  • Security or earning power in your current career

However before anyone can undertake this path of learning by distance education, there is a serious question that one must contemplate on. Is distance education for you? Below are a few questions and thoughts that you will need to think about and ponder over;

1 Choosing the right course for your career development and the right training provider.
2 Can you commit yourself to completing the course?
3 Will you devise a definite study plan?
4 Do you have access to an internet connection and a computer?
5 Do you have any disabilities that could hinder your studying and completing the course.

Today, distance education is offered through a variety delivery systems such as radio and television shows, telecommunications and especially on the Internet. With the wide distribution and accessibility of computers, distance learning has become faster and more prevalent. It can be fun and exciting as most distance learning courses have forums where student can interact, wikis are set up class discussions and of course using connect sessions where students can go online and actually see the teacher talking and delivering a lesson.

There are of course the pros and cons or in simple terms advantages and dis-advantages of learning by distance education which I will cover in my next article. So stay tuned and in the mean time give some thought about what these advantages and dis-advantages could be. Check in my next article and maybe you might have some points that you could add to the ones you read.

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