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Just For Fun: The Little Things That Drive You Mad

Just For Fun: The Little Things That Drive You Mad

Just For Fun: The Little Things That Drive You Mad

Lynn How

Lynn is the Editor at Instructor Toolkit. With 20 several years of key educating and SLT working experience, she has been an Assistant Head, Lead Mentor for ITT and SENCO. She loves to write and also has her own SEMH and team mental health weblog: www.positiveyoungmind.com. Lynn…
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What are the little factors in college that make you twitch?

I have compiled a listing of 25 minor niggles that have bothered me through my operate in faculties. Not adequate to be a main challenge, but probably plenty of on some occasions, to be the final straw!

25 ‘niggles’ all lecturers fully grasp

  1. Pupils who attempt to instruct you how to use your very own ICT equipment.
  2. The dried-out whiteboard pen.
  3. The classroom whistler you just cannot location.
  4. The question, ‘Can I go to the rest room?’ followed by ‘Will you carry the crucial again?’
  5. The assembly that could have been an email.
  6. A cancelled lesson observation you over-ready for (this is actually a massive detail).
  7. Photocopier queues 5 minutes right before the lesson starts off
  8. The term pedagogy claimed wrongly (ped-ee-gog-ee). Ditto the phrase style (gen-ree).
  9. An erroneous apostrophe (created by a instructor).
  10. Particular vs Pacific.
  11. Full moons and windy times – consider include!
  12. Other people’s Pinterest classrooms. Do they even have a lifestyle?
  13. There is only decaf espresso remaining in the staffroom.
  14. Glue adhere wastage, shortages and all those lacking a lid (leading idea: use a sharp knife to reduce off the dried out little bit).
  15. Low-cost glue sticks in which the sheets drop out following 3 months.
  16. Pupils who randomly miss out internet pages in their textbooks.
  17. Pupils’ use of a knife and fork.
  18. Your vehicle being blocked in when you want to go household!
  19. Pencils that are only 3cm very long.
  20. When you try out to shake the printer cartridge again to existence, then the ink goes all above you!
  21. Placing a swimming hat on a kid, multiplied by 30.
  22. The pupil who has to contact the smartboard every time they stroll previous it.
  23. That mother or father who ruins your working day.
  24. Acquiring to lead a past-moment assembly.
  25. The college business supervisor who does not rely on any person with their stationery.

It didn’t get long to appear up with this list of 25 tiny issues and I could easily come across 25 a lot more! What would you include?

Although most workforce confront the exact perform worries, not every person is fixed to one home all day with 30 pupils with a restricted price range …