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Meta Competency

Meta Competency

Competency is defined as to be a standard based on which the performance of an individual is rated and the learning needs are evaluated on various grounds. This characteristic of an individual acts as an attribute bundle which further classifies the characteristic features of an individual, enabling him or her to deliver the best under any environment or situation. This concept is widely used for assess the various aspects of a job role. Competency plays a major role in defining the strategic decision-making process. It helps in predicting the performance on a specific standard. The various traits of individual accumulate to form, the behavioural aspect.

Measurement of competency is a complex process as it includes various aspects of one’s behaviour, that includes skills, knowledge, image of self, motive, its construct and many more, each defining the conceptual end to each definition. Though it only attributes to a single trait, the meta-competency concept covers more number of characteristic features or behavioural concepts. It is used as a standard to increase the drive over numerous aspects of organization like sales and profit through appropriate judgement and identification of opportunities, goals in the development process. Widely covering numerous aspects it gives an overall evaluation of numerous distinct features of the core competencies for any specific role. This review is usually made across the organization in various jobs, levels and departments, so as to facilitate individual communication at both conceptual and practical level.

It must be understood that Meta competency is only applicable or can be used only at sections where the sub set competencies are already framed. This is useful in creating a logical connection between each and giving an evaluative paradigm under any set condition or environment for any job role or position in an organization. Though, in case additional drill into the existing job role is necessary it can be used under a well-defined strategic level. This concept demands a strategic mindset to create a conceptual and analytical framework for evaluating the various characteristics through necessary environmental scanning and trend analysis.

There are numerous disadvantages of Meta competency, though it gives an overall figure or act as a logical connection for the subset competencies. Unlike the competency mapping process, Meta competency mapping is comparatively tricky and demands appropriate knowledge over the various behavioural aspects and perspectives in connotation to the reason behind the process. This concept cannot be used to capture the overall image unless followed by two or more sub competencies. The predicted behavioural content base of any competency helps in framing up an assessment analysis model, thus creating a meaningful prediction of performance. From this one can anticipate the level and depth of this concept that leverage the growth and performance of the entire organization or business unit.