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Moving Beyond SAMR with the Rigor Relevance Framework

Moving Beyond SAMR with the Rigor Relevance Framework

When there are many different frameworks to select from when it will come to the efficient integration of technology, SAMR is generally the just one that most men and women and universities leverage. At confront price, it is reasonably easy while conveying how the use of technology can shift from enhancement to transformation. The SAMR Product has provided us with a good lens to notice firsthand the have to have for correct scheduling prior to investing significant amounts of income on technological innovation. This by no indicates is a ideal framework to guideline the successful implementation of engineering initiatives, but it does give us a very good plan of what should really not be using area.

Substitution – tech functions as a direct tool substitute with no purposeful change

Augmentation – tech acts as a direct software substitute with purposeful advancement

Modification – tech makes it possible for for significant activity redesign

Redefinition – tech allows for the creation of new duties earlier inconceivable 

When I really don’t outright discount the value of SAMR, it does, in my feeling, have a remarkable shortcoming. I shared the pursuing in Unusual Understanding:

For several educators, SAMR is the most well-liked model frequently affiliated with technology integration. It is a catchy design and does have some benefit, primarily in the type of what we should not be executing (substitution). Consider a near glimpse at the tech-centric language utilized in just about every group and talk to you what does the SAMR product seriously notify you about the level of student mastering? This is why I really like the Rigor Relevance Framework as a signifies to make sure that technology is integrated efficiently. It supplies a typical language, constitutes the lens as a result of which to look at all factors of a studying lifestyle (curriculum, instruction, evaluation), and assists make a society about a shared eyesight. 

The value of SAMR is that it can inform you what NOT to do with technology. Nevertheless, the rub, while, is that it is a little bit obscure when it will come to the pedagogical shifts that need to take place to make improvements to scholar mastering. Below is in which the Rigor Relevance Framework will come into play, as there is an emphasis on what the learner is performing as opposed to the technologies. It is broken down into 4 (4) quads:

Quadrant A (Acquisition) –  College students obtain and keep bits of understanding and data. Students are mostly predicted to try to remember or fully grasp this obtained expertise. The instructor does most of the perform by instructing. 

Quadrant B (Software) –  Pupils use obtained expertise to address troubles, layout alternatives, and total perform. The best stage of software is to apply proper knowledge to new and unpredictable cases. 

Quadrant C (Assimilation) –  Students increase and refine their acquired information to immediately and routinely analyze and solve troubles as effectively as build special methods. They are doing most of the perform. 

Quadrant D (Adaptation) Pupils have the competence to believe in complex approaches and implement understanding and skills they have acquired. Even when confronted with perplexing unknowns, students are ready to use comprehensive know-how and talent to produce alternatives and consider motion that additional develops their competencies and expertise. They work and believe. 

Though there is not a seamless alignment, I have produced an attempt to link them each. 

(S) Substituted acquisition (A) Teachers use tech to make responsibilities electronic or elicit lower-stage student responses 

(A) Utilized augmentation (B) Students use learning in applicable strategies

(M) Modified assimilation (C) Learners display large amounts of contemplating by way of the purposeful use of know-how

(R) Tailored redefinition (D) – Students function and consider to innovatively redefine what is probable

The total target, both equally with and without having technologies, ought to be to empower learners to perform and think. Yet another crucial approach is to concentration on the purposeful use of technologies when ideal. Just for the reason that it is out there doesn’t imply it can or will enhance each and every lesson or challenge. As a result a concentration on pedagogy 1st, engineering 2nd, if appropriate, will assist guarantee good results, anything that I emphasize thoroughly in Disruptive Pondering in Our School rooms. While SAMR is a reliable commencing issue, it is not the conclude all or be all. The multi-dimensional elements of the Rigor Relevance Framework can be used to information you in establishing much better issues and responsibilities as component of superior pedagogy. In the end, this will lead to establishing crucial competencies to thrive in a disruptive planet.