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My Favorite MindTap Feature: Deep Linking in My LMS

My Favorite MindTap Feature: Deep Linking in My LMS
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Dr. Billi Bromer is a professor of Instruction at Brenau University


As a totally on the web teacher who makes use of the Canvas Learning Management System for my programs, what I adore most about applying MindTap is the possibility to deep link MindTap assignments directly in my Canvas study course.

Every thing pupils need to have is in a single location. Students do not have to depart the Canvas class to examine an eText or use the digital assets I’ve bundled. This saves students time and tends to make a program a lot less complicated. For the at any time-growing figures of non-common college students who now entire on-line courses, simplicity is not only a time saver—it’s a self-confidence builder.

The Electronic Means I Use Most in My Canvas Programs

I’ll use my Canvas study course in Developmental Psychology as an example. This training course has a big total of written content and MindTap presents numerous techniques for pupils to understand it.


I like giving flashcards simply because they enable learners examine and learn vital conditions and class ideas. Every card has a term or phrase on a single side and the definition on the other facet. Students can click on on the card and then flip it in excess of to master a phrase or strategy. Then they can go back again to self-assess and decide if they have essentially discovered the time period. Learners can check out the word or phrase side and try to define it in their own words, or they perspective the definition side and discover the phrase it is describing.


A further way learners can get the articles and self-evaluate is by means of the Did You Get It? quizzes. Quizzes can be pre-established for more than one particular attempt so students can check their degree of discovering, go back again and study a little bit much more, and re-evaluate. The Did You Get It? quizzes can also be set for acquired factors and used as lower-stakes assignments. Which include the Did You Get It? quizzes often not only supplies follow for pupils but also provides them a opportunity to generate details toward their quality in a decreased-strain structure.

Movie Conditions

In addition to MindTap digital means that help college students discover articles and assess their very own progress, there are digital belongings that even further increase the written content and give the theory-to-apply software I want for the course. The  video situations deliver small true-lifetime illustrations of how the information is practically utilized. For case in point, pupils might learn about a matter such as “memory.” The online video situation will present a limited clip about rehearsal procedures that can be made use of to improve scholar memory.

A further helpful component of the video clip scenarios is that every single movie comes with concerns to which students can reply straight in MindTap. As with the other digital means, every single video clip scenario is deep connected into the Canvas course. Pupils can transfer immediately to every single online video scenario to watch the online video and reply to the inquiries.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the instructor grading course of action where grades from MindTap sync right into my Canvas course. When I quality student movie case responses in MindTap, the factors or percentages I have assigned to just about every university student are also recorded in Canvas. I do not have to go back again to Canvas to report points in Grades. They are immediately posted.

Digital Means for a Customized Program Working experience

The user expertise of MindTap deep connected into Canvas is constructive for both the pupil and instructor. Instructors can separately pick out MindTap digital means for a Canvas study course for the very best application to the study course targets. They can use as several or as couple assets as they truly feel are valuable. The simplicity with which the digital sources can be deep linked in a discovering management program offers a custom made program that is uncomplicated for the two students and instructors to manage. It is a gain for anyone!

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