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NCAA Rules on Volleyball Recruiting

NCAA Rules on Volleyball Recruiting

For high school volleyball players, playing on the collegiate level can be an exciting possibility for continuing their volleyball careers. But, with this possibility comes a landslide of things that you, the player, must know. The NCAA college volleyball recruiting rules, for instance, must be understood and followed by those hoping to play for a university.

From your freshman year of high school (or even prior to that) until September first of your junior year, colleges are allowed to send you university brochures, educational information, and questionnaires, but they cannot contact you directly. At this time, coaches can accept calls from you but they are not allowed to return calls from you. Even if you leave a message on a voice recorder or with a person, coaches can only speak to you when they are on the receiving line.

During this college volleyball recruiting time, coaches are not allowed to initiate any contact with you, this includes calling you, or sending you letters or emails.

It is also during this time that you are allowed to make unofficial visits to campuses of your choice at your expense. You can also speak with college coaches as long as this is done on university grounds. As part of the college volleyball recruiting process, colleges are allowed to provide you as many as three complimentary tickets to a college game or athletic event.

Beginning the first of September your junior year, the college volleyball recruiting process begins to change. During this time, coaches are allowed to send you information about their sport and their programs. This might include letters, publications, media guides, or schedules. At this time, coaches are also allowed to correspond with you via email.

After you have completed your junior year of high school, coaches are allowed to contact you off campus. This is permitted beginning July 1 after your junior year. At this time in the volleyball recruiting process, coaches are allowed to make one call per week to either you or your parents. You, however, can call a coach as often as needed.

Once you have completed the first day of your senior year, college volleyball recruiting begins to really take off. During this time, you are allowed to make five official campus visits with expenses paid. The campus visit, however, is limited to forty eight hours.

Prior to making a campus visit, coaches need to receive ACT or SAT sores as well as official high school transcripts.

During your visit, coaches can tell you about their program, their university, and their city and address any questions or concerns you may have.

If you are not being actively recruited, the end of your junior year and the beginning of your senior year is a good time to make a volleyball recruiting skills video. This volleyball recruiting skills video can be used to market yourself to college and programs you find appealing.