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Need To Prove Training ROI? Here Are The Best Content Providers [2022]

Need To Prove Training ROI? Here Are The Best Content Providers [2022]

Wondering How To Measure Training ROI? These Content Providers Can Help You Out!

For many years now, there’s been a desire to find ways to demonstrate value for money in corporate training and development. Obviously, business owners or senior executives at some time will want to know what they are getting for their money. In fact, there are justifiable reasons for wanting to prove training ROI. Especially when more and more companies spend hundreds of billions on L&D.

One thing is certain; companies need to improve employee productivity, performance, and leadership skills. However, all this money spent has been shown to be ineffective in many cases. All the statistics, data, and information we gather when measuring ROI can help companies and managers influence how we support our learners to become the best they possibly can be.

Here at eLearning Industry, we love to advocate the benefits of measuring training and development. And we do so to help you prove the impact training has on your organization.

For this reason, we decided to create this special top list. All the content providers featured below have the expertise to ensure that you maximize the efficiency of funds made available for training.

Prove Training ROI To Management

Compare top eLearning Companies with expertise measuring and evaluating training effectiveness.

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The Best Content Providers To Help You Prove The ROI Of Training

Need To Prove Training ROI? Here Are The Best Content Providers [2022]

If your company is listed among the top content providers that help prove training ROI, feel free to add this badge to your website. (2022)

Ensure Training Investments Drive Performance Gain And Maximize Training ROI

EI Design leverages its unique framework to ensure training investments create a demonstrable impact on both the learners and the business. Their methodology enables you to enhance the impact of training and maximize its ROI.

Contact EI Design to ensure your investments in training drive performance gain and maximize training ROI.

See what other customers have to say by reading the submitted reviews for EI Design. 


  • Measure The Impact Of Training
  • ROI Determination
  • Maximize Training ROI


  • Measure The Impact Of Training

From identifying L&D metrics to aligning them to business KPIs, they will help you measure and demonstrate the impact of training on the learners and the business.

Starting at the TNA phase, they leverage their unique framework to evaluate training outcomes, assess the gain for the learners and the business, and determine training ROI.

They work with their customers to gain more accurate insights on where they should be making future investments and provide recommendations to further maximize training ROI.


EI Design has won 25 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards in the last two years. They have also been featured in 40 global ranking lists in 18 different categories. They ranked number one in eLearning Industry’s list of Top Content Providers for Custom eLearning in 2021.

The Learning Scorecard: Models + Dashboard Reporting = ROI In The Palm Of Your Hand

The Scorecard by MindSpring revolutionizes how you see and report learning ROI. It tracks your learners’ impressions, learning, and behavior. Best of all, it provides dashboard evidence that can be shared across the company.

Visit MindSpring’s website to learn more on how to prove training ROI.

Make sure to explore the submitted MindSpring reviews in our directory. 


  • Model
  • Dashboard
  • Reporting


The Learning Scorecard is based on models created by scientists to track the key metrics of your learning team, your learners, and behavior changes that will enable you to see and report ROI.

See how your learning is performing in real time. The Scorecard dashboard puts that power in your hands. You can see what has happened, what is happening, and what should happen next.

You need to be able to defend your spend on learning. The Learning Scorecard model and dashboard will empower you to actually show how learning is moving your organization forward.


MindSpring provides ROI with every learning engagement for some of the largest companies in the world. Their research is published in articles, eBooks, and webinars. The Learning Scorecard is their latest software empowering all learning leaders with the tools they need.

SweetRush Delivers Engaging Learning That Changes The Behavior Of Learners

SweetRush designs and develops effective solutions to complex learning challenges. Their deliverables meet instructional and business objectives, and achieve ROI because they are authentic, relevant, and engaging for the learner.

You deserve to work with a vendor who cares and will design and deliver engaging and effective learning, so please reach out.

For more information on their amazing work, make sure to explore the SweetRush reviews in our directory.


  • Begin With The End Defined
  • Proven Results
  • Innovation In Learning And Evaluation


  • Begin With The End Defined

Training is important, and a significant investment of your time and money. In-depth, up-front analysis is critical so they know and achieve the future target state and ROI.

Their programs move the needle and achieve excellent measured outcomes. It’s L&D done right—authentic, relevant, and engaging that changes behavior and delivers real ROI!

  • Innovation In Learning And Evaluation

They’re known for creative solutions like using xAPI to measure learning engagement, which they can implement at any stage in the project to improve learning design.


Three of their many Gold Brandon Hall awards were for Best Learning Results, with Bridgestone, Cisco, and Hilton; They won a fourth Gold for Learning Measurement with Google. Clients trust and turn to SweetRush to take on their most important projects when ROI is essential.

Exceptional Performance Done Right With Intuitive Online Learning Platforms And Analytics

They know the difference between the Return On Investment and Return On Expectations. By teaming up with Learning Pool, you can analyze and prove the true value of your training efforts. Be it leadership development or upskilling and reskilling, they’ve got you covered.

If you’re responsible for delivering any training in your organization, here’s how they can help you deliver exceptional performance for your learning.

Visit our directory to explore customer reviews for Learning Pool. 


  • Gamification Expertise
  • Built-In Training
  • Adaptable


Interactive gamification helps to reinforce learning through knowledge application.

Efficient built-in training shortens time spent on training, keeping requirements simple.

Authored content allows you to add your branding, change images, and edit colors and fonts, making the course content truly your own.


ROI of L&D is critical if you want to ensure that you’ve made a good investment. Thankfully, their training library does exactly that. Plus, it is engaging, interactive, and accessible on any device. You’ll also find plenty of material on leadership and management. Are you ready to prove the ROI of training? Check it out!

Custom Learning Solutions Built For Business Impact

Their innovative learning technologies and agency-level creative teams help them deliver extensive Instructional Design experience. All the above enable them to build custom learning solutions that empower you to measure the training success and drive business results.

Measure your training success with scalable learning solutions.

Do you want to see what working with them feels like? Make sure to read the submitted reviews for AllenComm.


  • Performance Consulting
  • Instructional Design
  • Content Management And Distribution


AllenComm’s team has deep expertise in designing strategic learning solutions. Hence, they are able to drive behavior change by identifying and analyzing learner and business needs to support change.

Build learning solutions with easy navigation, engaging content, and targeted activities.

  • Content Management And Distribution

Manage and update course content across many platforms, languages, or brands.


Delta needed a learning solution that would onboard thousands of customer service representatives. Results included reduced training time by five days, increased productivity by 15%, increased customer service knowledge effectiveness by 3%, and increased satisfaction by 2%.

Experts At Helping You Create An Effective Learning Strategy That’s Unique To Your Needs

eLearning Brothers offers a suite of tools and services that help you create better learning experiences in a variety of modalities. At any budget, they can help you create a solution with high ROI and high learner engagement.

Visit their website to schedule a demo or learn more about their products and services.

In case you want to read reviews for eLearning Brothers, please visit our directory.


  • Higher ROI With VR Training
  • Video-Based Practice And Coaching
  • Custom Development


  • Higher ROI With VR Training

Get better results in less time with one of the easiest VR authoring tools imaginable. Their clients save thousands of dollars by creating immersive learning in CenarioVR.

  • Video-Based Practice And Coaching

Take advantage of Rehearsal for sales enablement and soft skills development. Companies like Paychex, 3M, and Honeywell hit a high note upskilling their team with this tool!

They create tailored eLearning for your specific needs. Drive better results with effective eLearning that grabs your learners’ attention and engages them from start to finish.


eLearning Brothers helps organizations create better learning experiences. Using their award-winning solutions, clients achieve higher ROI, increase productivity, and fill skills gaps. They’re a Smartchoice® Preferred Solution Provider by Brandon Hall Group.

They Make People Better At Making Their Business Better

A business succeeds in what people do, not just in what they know. PDG’s focus is on using Learning Frameworks, which lead to real, measurable behavior change that drives business performance.

Learn more about how PDG can help you improve business performance through custom content.

Make sure to visit our directory and go through the reviews for Performance Development Group.


  • Experience Across A Variety of Industries
  • A Custom Approach Every Time
  • They Put The Learner At The Center


  • Experience Across A Variety of Industries

From pharma to retail, PDG develops and implements custom content solutions that result in business impact for enterprise-level companies around the globe.

  • A Custom Approach Every Time

Their team gets to know your business, leverages today’s most sophisticated tools, and implements a just-right solution that provides a measurable business impact.

  • They Put The Learner At The Center

PDG works with a number of modalities and technologies that offer the best User Experience. From social media to adaptive learning, their solutions drive performance.


PDG shines at helping businesses improve sales performance. They worked with a large salon chain to develop a fun, interactive game to help employees learn about products. The result? Rave reviews from employees and increased sales for the company.

Their 3C Framework Guarantees Custom Courses, Tailored To Suit Learners’ Needs

eWyse is an eLearning company focused on bringing fresh and creative ideas to the world of eLearning. Their main value is transparency, so they came up with their own framework, steps, and equation, which leave no room for surprises.

Visit their page to find out more about their unique 3C Framework that ensures clients know exactly what they get for their investment.

Go ahead and check out our directory to read the raving reviews for eWyse.


  • 3C Framework
  • Budget Estimation
  • 7 Steps To Prove Training ROI


Creative, process, and financial control in the hands of their clients. Constant feedback helps them to collaboratively decide what the best solutions are and yields optimal results.

They developed their own equation to accurately estimate the budget, with unpredictable situations included in the estimate. This equation is all about transparency.

  • 7 Steps To Prove Training ROI

Dividing the course creation into steps makes it easier to organize and estimate the result of each step. Additionally, each step is followed by feedback, which guarantees the desired end result.


eWyse collaborates with various industries, including companies with a large number of employees and/or customers. By teaming up with them, you can substantially benefit from their courses. Plus, you can save up your time and money and increase training effectiveness. Best of all? They have several case studies to prove it!

So, please feel free to visit their website to find out more.

Leverage Their Smart Data-Packed Learning Content To Deliver Exceptional Results, Every Time

Kineo helps you deliver quantifiably better learning experiences and increase the value of your eLearning. Their Design for Results methodology ensures you get expertly crafted learning content. Plus, everything is backed by smart data to prove impact! Whatever outcomes you need to achieve for your business or your people, they can help you out.

Do you want to learn more about Kineo’s results-driven approach to learning design? Visit their website!

For Kineo reviews, don’t forget to explore our directory.


  • Data-Driven Insights
  • Data Framework
  • Kineo Analytics


Data sits at the heart of their learning solutions. By being data-focused, they manage to help you demonstrate the learning impact of your efforts. Thus, they guide you to making smarter design decisions.

They help you define key data points across performance, User Experience, and Customer Experience. By doing so, they empower you to create a foundation for mining insight and developing action plans.

An integrated part of Kineo’s service offering, their robust infrastructure is ready-to-go to collect, visualize, and analyze data to help you accelerate your data strategy.


Kineo takes an “always on” approach to data and measurement. With a focus on the learning outcomes you want to achieve right from the start, they’ve helped hundreds of enterprise-scale clients to develop a robust and data-driven learning strategy.

Masters In Creating Engaging, Impactful, And Memorable Solutions That Drive Business Excellence

Tesseract Learning is an award-winning digital learning organization offering a plethora of training solutions. They focus on helping companies get a good return on their training investments. What they do best is empowering businesses to drive productivity, growth, and learning effectiveness.

Talk to them today!

See what clients have to say by reading the submitted Tesseract Learning reviews.


  • Value For Training Investment
  • Engaging, Exciting, Memorable
  • Customer Delight


  • Value For Training Investment

Designing sensible training solutions is vital for Tesseract Learning. They do so with sensitivity, educating the audience on the right content, imagery, and workplace diversity. Their team is set to help you increase professional growth and drive employee retention every step of the way.

  • Engaging, Exciting, Memorable

They create training that considers the memorability factor, experiences, activities, and assignments. All their material is built to help learners learn by doing, focusing on employee ownership.

Tesseract Learning is continuously delivering learning solutions that exceed expectations. Most importantly, they’re high-quality, fun, on time, and within a client’s training budget. Plus, all solutions are focused on a reduced time to complete a task.


Tesseract Learning’s learning programs have been well received by global clients with 100% compliance and good learner feedback. Furthermore, they bring better on-the-job application! As a result, their programs give a good ROI in training.

Get Better ROI For L&D By Teaming Up With The Best Content Providers

Find, choose, and compare the top eLearning Companies that are experts in evaluating and proving the effectiveness of training interventions.

Compare Content Providers

eLearning Industry’s Company Selection Criteria

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas and our editorial team, did a thorough review of each vendor’s eligibility. More specifically, we’ve checked each eLearning company’s website and relevant published content, including articles, eBooks, and webinars, to reach a final conclusion.

Our committee ranked the best content providers that are experts in proving training ROI by focusing on the following 8 criteria:

  • Company’s economic growth potential
  • Company’s social responsibility
  • Customer retention
  • Customer reviews
  • Employee turnover
  • Learning industry innovation
  • Quality of content development
  • Expertise in learning solutions

On this top list, we’ve selected the best of the best when it comes to proving ROI for training and development. In case you want to outsource training for a custom project, all you have to do is take a look at our full directory of eLearning content providers. You’ll find plenty of use cases that match your company’s needs!

So, now that you’ve gone through this top list, don’t forget to read our tips on how to prove training ROI and why it’s important. We’ve gathered plenty of insights to help you understand the importance of measuring and proving the ROI of training. Plus, you’ll get even more tips so that you can make the best decision when it comes to teaming up with a training company.

What Is Training ROI?

Training doesn’t come cheap. That’s why many companies are hesitant to start. And it’s also the reason you can’t easily get buy-in. Actually, measuring the ROI of training might be even harder than getting the budget in the first place. I get it.

Company management needs to know that the training budget is being well spent. For this reason, calculating training ROI (Return On Investment) can be the solution to getting bigger budgets for the years to come.

Is there an ROI formula for training? Well, the traditional way to do this is to have the program benefits (net profit) minus the training costs and then divide it by the program costs.

Here’s the simple equation: Return (Benefit) / Investment (Cost) = ROI

But, as you already know, there’s nothing simple about proving training ROI. Sure, you can use the above equation to indicate how many dollars you gain as a benefit for every dollar spent on a training program. Yet, there are so many KPIs and metrics you can focus on to actually prove that you’re getting business results.

For example, you might like to focus on the payback period. Meaning that you can divide the total investment by the annual savings, expressed in years. This method works better with long-term metrics; for instance, if you want to improve staff retention levels or reduce healthcare costs among your workforce. Hence, those results can become more visible and accountable over a long time period. In fact, this is the reason why many companies prefer to calculate annual savings instead.

ROI is a useful way of measuring whether a particular training course or program offers value for money. But, as you must have figured out by now, calculating ROI isn’t as simple as just knowing a formula.

Thankfully, all the content providers in this top list can help you measure the ROI of any training course or session.

Why Is It Difficult To Measure The ROI Of Your Training Programs?

When measuring the financial benefits of a training strategy, one needs to illustrate the economic gain or loss. At the same time, implementing a training program might have some potential benefits in marketing the program to new clients. So, the leaders in today’s competitive environment need to be using the results of training ROI to make decisions.

The ROI of training can give plenty of insights into whether the company should continue, revise, or stop the implemented training strategy. Also, there might be findings that can help develop a new, improved strategic business plan to increase the growth of organizational performance.

However, it’s easier said than done. You see, plenty of organizations have difficulty measuring the ROI of their training programs.

The main challenges are:

  • Unreliable ROI Tools And Methods For Training Programs

For some, calculating a realistic and accurate ROI might be expensive to generate, or it’s either non-existent or unavailable. Not to mention that many factors influence the costs of online learning programs. Another issue is that it’s difficult to make estimations that measure the worth of human behavior. And, of course, it’s equally difficult to calculate the impact that training has on business results.

  • Lacking Professional Knowledge And Organizational Support In ROI Measurement

Unfortunately, many performance professionals have no idea how to measure the ROI of their training programs. Be it a lack of skills in training evaluation, organizational support, or existing evaluation tools (limited to surveys), things can get tricky.

Have you been facing any of the above challenges when trying to prove training ROI? Worry not, because the training experts on this list have built innovative solutions to do just that. They can help you illustrate the impact training has on business goals and behavioral change.

Tips On Choosing A Content Provider To Prove ROI Of Training

There’s no question that ROI is important in training and development. But what is a good ROI for a training program?

A successful training program helps participants acquire the intended knowledge, skills, attitude, confidence, and commitment to get their jobs done the best way possible. Also, an effective intervention means that learners can apply what they’ve learned into the workplace. And, of course, trainers and managers should know which targeted outcomes occur due to the training and support package applied. That’s what the Kirkpatrick model is all about.

But there’s more data to explore. You have to be able to know the degree to which your participants find the training favorable. Also, you need to see if it is engaging and relevant to their jobs. Hence, a training expert’s approach to measurement must add depth and quality to the organizational drivers by focusing on quantity, quality, cost, and time.

When choosing a content provider to prove training ROI, here are some things to consider:

  • Ability to identify skills gaps and organizational goals accurately
  • Ensuring that the training meets your business needs
  • Evaluating job behavior before and after training
  • Learning analytics experience and evaluation skills
  • Niche expertise, customer reviews, awards won

All the content providers in this top list can help you measure training and development with greater depth and clarity for better ROI. Most importantly, they know how to use training as a strategic business tool.

Summing Up

Spending a lot of money to provide training programs to improve employee performance is a practice implemented by many organizations. In fact, we’ve seen the investment in training programs increasing in the last decade. But there’s always something holding some companies back. More often than not, upper management wants to justify the actual costs and benefits of training programs.

As you can understand, the Return On Investment becomes a key factor for all the stakeholders involved.

Since investment in training programs has been rapidly increasing, many senior managers demand measurements of ROI or financial benefits for such programs. However, existing evaluation methods are not adequate to measure ROI. In addition, most performance professionals do not know how to measure ROI.

So, how about your organization? I bet senior managers ask you to measure the ROI of training. Or at least show them the financial benefits of training programs. If you’ve never done this before, or if you need consultation on how to do it, you can always contact one of the top eLearning content development companies on this top list. They have hands-on experience and can share their ROI knowledge and experience with you.

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