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Steam Cleaning Daycare Centers And Nursery Schools

Steam Cleaning Daycare Centers And Nursery Schools

What’s the old saying…”spouses, (I’m don’t want to insult one gender over the other) you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them”? In my experience, that also applies to children. They are the absolute joys of our lives and they can break your heart 100 times a day.

However, one thing is certain about children, individually they are hard to keep clean. As a group they are impossible to keep clean and they are harbingers of germs, bacteria and everything else that causes illness. And they will contaminate every place they go as a group. That includes nursery schools and day care centers.

As the owner or operator of a nursery school or day care center you have the impossible task of trying to keep the children in your care clean and free from the germs that can be passed from one child to another making them sick or aggravating their allergies. Once they are gone for the day you try to clean the school to the best of your ability so the children will return the next day to a healthy, germ free environment.

Consider the parents evaluating nursery schools for their children to attend. There are many factors that parents consider and high among them is the cleanliness of the facility. After all, the health of their child is a major concern for all parents. Four stars in the category of cleanliness can easily be attained for the nursery school that can assure that a clean, healthy and safe environment is a high priority. You can make your school or day care center stand out from the rest by placing a little additional emphasis on cleanliness.

If you use traditional chemical-based cleaning methods you could be creating new problems while trying to solve the problems germs and bacteria cause. In addition, if you store the chemical-based cleaners at the school there is always the frightening chance that the children may discover them and who knows what could happen then?

Is there a better way to clean your nursery school or day care center? Try a steam vapor cleaner rather than using your old fashioned cleaning methods that include potentially harmful chemical-based cleaners. Steam cleaners are “kid friendly” as well as environmentally friendly. They clean more thoroughly in less time and with much less effort. Steam cleaners also sanitize as they clean, killing germs, bacteria, mold and mildew.

Steam vapor cleaners use nothing but water to clean and they are capable of cleaning almost any surface in your nursery school or day care center including stuffed animals and toys where germs and bacteria live and breed. While at a day care center or nursery school children spend a lot of their time with their favorite stuffed animal or fuzzy little toy where they can pick up an untold number of germs and viruses. With younger children these objects often find there way into the child’s mouth that could create some serious problems if the object is not properly sanitized. Conventional chemical-based cleaners cannot effectively clean these harbingers of germs and viruses without damaging them over time. A steam cleaner will clean, disinfect and sanitize stuffed animals and toys with a single application using only steam vapor created using nothing but water.

A steam cleaner creates a low moisture steam vapor at temperatures of 212 F and higher to clean, sanitize and disinfect the surface to be cleaned. The heat along with mild scrubbing cleans and disinfects the surface for you. Cleaning with a steam cleaner eliminates chemical residues while sanitizing the surface you are cleaning. Because steam cleaners use only small amounts of water to clean they are virtually free of mess as well as quiet and portable.

There are three different types of steam vapor cleaners that can and should be used at day care centers and nursery schools. First, you should have a full size steam vapor cleaner to use for cleaning the entire facility. This type of steam cleaner can be used everywhere from the main rooms of the facility to the kitchen and the bathroom. All areas can be completely cleaned and disinfected with a full size steam cleaner.

Next you should use a steam mop for those times when something is spilled on the floor of the facility or for when one of the children has an “accident”. A steam mop is ideal for these times because it heats up fast and it can be used quickly and with ease.

The last steam cleaner you should have at your facility is a small handheld. Like a steam mop a handheld steam cleaner is easy to use and will heat up quickly for those times when you want to quickly clean up a stuffed animal or toy that one of the children may have coughed or sneezed on. Handheld steam cleaners are also useful for those areas you want to clean quickly but where cannot use a steam mop.

When you are looking for the best way to clean, sanitize and disinfect a day care center you should always consider “kid friendly” cleaning products. Steam cleaners are “kid friendly” as well as environmentally friendly because they use only water keeping potentially harmful chemical-based cleaners away from the children in your care.