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Summer is Here! Tips and Tricks for a Zero Waste Picnic

Summer is Here! Tips and Tricks for a Zero Waste Picnic

As we settle into summer months, we eagerly return to some of our favourite out of doors things to do these as swimming, going to the beach, and getting barbecues or picnics with good friends and relatives.

Whilst we are assembling a wide range of salads into disposable plastic containers, wrapping sandwiches in plastic, and acquiring one use utensils and plates, an assortment of plastic beverage bottles, plastic straws, and single use cups, most of us forget to imagine of the close place of these merchandise.

Ahead of you pack your checkered blanket, just take a appear at these 5 straightforward picnic suggestions intended to retain your upcoming picnics enjoyably earth acutely aware.

Picnic Idea #1: Food


If you search for salad recipes on the web, you will come across what would seem to be an unlimited record of final results that can be created at property.

Just before you operate to the retail store to purchase your potato and macaroni salads, test your cupboards and fridge. Foods that is brief to expire is normally fantastic for salads, and prospects are you will be in a position to obtain a recipe that includes them. Store the salads in reusable containers and you will not only get rid of opportunity meals waste, but will also reduce plastic squander in the way of shop-bought packaging.


When it will come to the relaxation of the food, bring sandwich fixings in reusable containers somewhat than getting ready them forward of time to minimize the danger of sandwiches likely untouched and getting thrown absent. You can also verify with guests before the picnic to be certain you are bringing along some crowd favorites. What ever goes unused basically goes house.


Chips, crackers, fruits, and vegetables are terrific for snacking, but their packaging and accompanying dips can effortlessly go to waste when left out in the open up. That is why we counsel placing them in reusable squirt bottles. This is not only a excellent way to hold ranches and salsas clean, but it is also a fantastic way for anyone to only acquire the total they will use. As a bonus, it’s significantly less messy!

Picnic Suggestion #2: Beverages

Ahead of the picnic have every person bring their possess drinks in reusable containers and make guaranteed anyone seeks out recyclable packaging for their beverage of choice. Drinks bottled in aluminum cans are a good selection because they are a simple and easily recycled in most spots.

Picnic Suggestion #3: Utensils

The most eco-helpful utensils you can use on a zero waste picnic you practically certainly currently own. Open up your cutlery drawer and deliver your day to day utensils, and motivate your company to do the very same, for a person of the most straightforward, greenest, and most cost-acutely aware things you can do when you picnic.

Picnic Suggestion #4: Plates and Napkins


Plates can be dealt with in the exact same way as the utensils, but if you are reluctant to deliver breakable dishes that took you three months to choose out, there are other selections, together with:

  • Look at purchasing a established of reusable plates and silverware for tenting or picnics. There are numerous cost-effective possibilities on the net that can close up saving you funds in the lengthy operate by chopping out the price of single-use plates or utensils.
  • If you don’t want these reusable things using up place in your home, take into consideration utilizing palm pressed plates, bowls, utensils, and much more. These are biodegradable, compostable, and a amazing, inexpensive choice to paper and plastic goods.


Fabric napkins make excellent additions to a sustainable picnic. They can also be made use of as placemats for uneven surfaces or weathered picnic tables.

Picnic Tip #5: Baskets

Even though the notion of the picnic basket is a single that charms most would-be picnickers, the fact is that these products are commonly only employed the moment or two times a yr. As an different for the informal picnic participant, we suggest transporting your feast working with any reusable baggage that you have on hand.

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