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The three options for the Pac-12 after the departure of USC and UCLA

The three options for the Pac-12 after the departure of USC and UCLA

The two scorned conferences that both equally misplaced their two premier faculties could team up, and variety the initially mega-conference just before the Major 10 and SEC even get a chance to start out poaching their universities. There is a seemingly unanimous expectation that college or university athletics are headed to 20 workforce mega-conferences, but not many have been speaking about the chance for there to be a few of them. 

This would be exceptional for the survival of both conferences, but Dennis Dodd  believes there need to only space for the major schools which means six educational institutions would be remaining out. Dodd proposed two divisions of eight groups, one particular being Pac-12 educational institutions and the other getting the Major 12 colleges. He did say that the 6 schools remaining out would be Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Oregon Point out, Washington State, and West Virginia. This would get sophisticated for a couple motives, for starters, the Big 12 has now welcomed in UCF, BYU, Houston and Cincinnati immediately after the departure of Texas and Oklahoma so in this state of affairs they are deciding upon the new members and Pac-12 users more than longtime users. The reduction of Kansas basketball would be devastating to the convention, and he still left out each Oregon Condition and Washington condition who could pretty well be lawfully binding  package deals with their in-condition rival. 

Although Dodd’s thought to merge the meeting is on monitor, I think it would be much better if the Major 12 took all 10 of the remaining Pac-12 educational facilities, and then kicked West Virginia and Kansas Condition to the curb to get the meeting to 20 schools. This way, the conference doesn’t reduce Kansas for basketball and the probable laws challenges are irrelevant. This sorts what would probably be the first of three mega-conferences, and then leaves the ACC as the conference that will get ravished by the Big Ten and SEC. This might also bode very well for the playoff, as Dodd flirted with the concept of the playoff teams currently being exclusively from the Big Ten and SEC.