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Video-Assisted Learning: Using Educational Videos to Teach

Video-Assisted Learning: Using Educational Videos to Teach

Video clip-assisted studying is a expanding strategic instructing strategy in quite a few modern lecture rooms. Educational videos are now far more obtainable than ever and academics are progressively generating use of this conveniently readily available source. But with greater display time comes increased controversy and discussion.

While movies are excellent for things like social-emotional studying, cognitive skill, and inclusivity, if not effectively utilized in the correct setting, video clips will not be applied to their full probable and can even hinder academic efficiency.   

This report will give you the info you need to make absolutely sure you can carry out video clip-assisted understanding effectively, no subject what the predicament is or who the pupils are. Continue to keep looking through to discover more and do not neglect to examine out ViewSonic’s instruction alternatives to develop your instructional toolbox.

Online video-assisted finding out at its main is merely the integration of films into classes. But as technology has superior, so much too have the dynamics among college student and teacher evolved. Pupils do not just strive to land a task exactly where they sit quietly and obey. Educators intention for them to grow to be innovators and creators, to argue and dilemma the factors around them, and to develop up to be improved, effectively-rounded, satisfied persons.

Video clips, television, and motion pictures are absolutely nothing new, but optimizing them for studying is comparatively new. Videos can assistance pupils carry out improved not just academically but also emotionally and socially. Movies can supply pupils with a wholly new planet, even if the scope is nonetheless very minimal.

Knowing how to employ effective video clip-assisted discovering is not primarily challenging, but it is important to be properly educated in regards to the two the benefits and drawbacks of monitor time so that you can make the best selection for your pupils.

What is Video clip-Assisted Finding out?

Online video-assisted studying (VAL) is described as a strategic teaching solution to utilizing video clips – either educational or conceptual – to strengthen a student’s comprehension, cognitive potential, or social-psychological skills. What that signifies is that films are more than just a way to pass time or offer supplemental data on a distinct learning goal. Video clip-assisted studying requires video clips and transforms them into an important portion of equally typical education and learning and pupil wellbeing.

No matter if they are small, targeted clips or television packages, movies are tested to advantage diverse facets of a student’s progress and instructional progress. How this impacts the pupil depends on the style of films used and the tactics you want to make use of. Movie-assisted learning is not ideal for isolated use but need to relatively be an addition to the previously existing curriculum or individualized schooling designs (IEP).

This is simply because films – academic, conceptual, or entertaining – can have unfavorable repercussions for student development if not managed effectively. This report will assist you establish which video clip kind is most effective for your pupils as perfectly as how to deal with and reduce widespread damaging aspect results related with screen time and skewed or inappropriate written content.

Video-assisted learning: using educational videos to teach - benefits

What Counts as Movie-Assisted Finding out?

A single matter that is good about the phrase online video-assisted learning is that it is spelled out in the phrase by itself! Video clips are understanding aids, not the key pedagogy of discovering. VAL can be as straightforward as looking at a documentary on the h2o cycle at the stop of a lesson all the way to a lot more intricate and entire forms like video clip modeling.

It is important to be perfectly educated when earning conclusions connected to video-assisted mastering. Particularly if you prepare to use movies as a supplementary form of training exterior of the usual classroom ”movie-day.” Making use of movies for social-emotional discovering, for illustration, requires to be finished with warning as movies can give a confined worldview to a matter that is fairly wide.

Movie-assisted mastering can be made use of to nutritional supplement any of the pursuing spots of education and learning:

Educational Health supplements

Academic health supplements refer to video clips, shorter videos, or films wherever the principal reason is to teach on a particular subject or discovering goal. Typical styles of academic movies are small clips, documentaries, tutorials, some cartoons, and other varieties of video clip media with the intent to educate. These video clips are made use of purely as supplementary elements to aid fortify suggestions taught in the classroom.

Numerous instructors are most likely familiar with this variety of VAL as they are an easy and effective way to enhance lesson plans that may perhaps be missing in normally actual physical supplies. Most modern lecture rooms are equipped with a projector or laptop computer, and even if you are a genuine ‘old-school’ trainer, you most likely at least have a Television set with a DVD, Blu-ray, or VHS player where by you can participate in an academic video.

Just one of the largest positive aspects of using educational videos is that it gives college students another viewpoint or training model on the exact same subject matter. For example, if you taught a distinct learning objective making use of gamification, it may be advantageous to also display a online video that breaks down the objective phase-by-move to give college students an further selection to discover from.

Video-assisted learning: using educational videos to teach - gamification

Social-Psychological Finding out

Social-emotional studying is the process of establishing social-emotional abilities like self-recognition, self-manage, and interpersonal expertise that are essential for university, function, and general everyday living results. This variety of learning also incorporates issues like self-self-discipline and emotion management but can also overlap with other cognitive skills.

Academic films targeting social-psychological finding out normally entail matters like moral storytelling or demonstrations of realistic lifetime techniques. A wonderful illustration of this is online video modeling. Movie modeling is one of a kind in that it is an evidence-primarily based observe. Online video modeling is generally applied mostly for college students with autism but it has practical employs for other varieties of pupils and even older people.

If your college is starting up to carry out more SEL techniques, just one online video source you should employ is moozoomMoozoom is a social-psychological studying software that utilizes films, methods, and journal-like equipment to help pupils battle particular problems and create genuine-world abilities.In contrast to several SEL instruments that choose a self-centered approach, moozoom is an interactive “choose your very own path” activity that lets students recognize their own emotions by mastering from other students’ journeys. Not to mention the online video quality is Hollywood-level!

Video-assisted learning: using educational videos to teach - social-emotional

Cognitive Means

Cognitive skills refer to skills and competencies relating to the mind. These can be issues like language acquisition, fantastic motor competencies, and critical considering. Video-assisted discovering is wonderful for acquiring cognitive capabilities from both a shallow and a deep-understanding amount. One particular properly-identified reward is the advertising of creativity. But there are several other gains for films as properly.

When employing movies to promote cognitive skill, keep in head that they are not productive on their possess. In fact, research from the Modern society for Exploration in Small children Enhancement demonstrates that videos can have no bearing on a child if there is not an active viewing intent. This suggests a child seeing Dora the Explorer, inspite of the great scriptwriting, will not turn out to be fluent in a further language unless of course they actively engaged in the demonstrate and use these capabilities in a facial area-to-deal with environment.

With that in thoughts, if you use videos as a supplementary asset, it is effective for cognitive skill in sure age groups. If you want to use movies to support with matters like language, motor skills, or other brain-connected techniques, constantly proceed the video clip with actionable functions like worksheets, reflective discussions, or prompting.

Video-assisted learning: using educational videos to teach - cognitive video


Inclusive classrooms are getting extra essential in the modern-day classroom setting, even though actual definitions of the phrase can change. Some determine it as a location in which multicultural instruction is fostered while some others determine it simply as school rooms that contain students with special demands, impairments, or disabilities in a basic education class. Whichever definition you select to use, what is critical is the effects VAL can have.

Movie-assisted mastering can be employed in two unique means when it arrives to inclusivity. 1 technique is to use video clips as an instructional complement. For example, if you are working with a finding out design like hybrid finding out then films can promptly be a source of additional lessons or product for pupils falling behind or needing a lot more time. Offering videos can also enable you to limit conversation with highly developed learners so that all those who require extra confront-to-deal with interactions for learning can get far more help.

The next technique for video-assisted studying is making use of videos as a signifies of cultural consciousness. No country is truly homogeneous any longer. Even if you were to take out foreigners and immigrants, quite a few nations around the world nonetheless have distinct ethnicities, cultural traditions, life, and religions potentially all in the same town. With VAL you can effortlessly share, generate, and expand on videos of diverse cultures to raise awareness and knowing.

How to Use Educational Movies

Utilizing online video-assisted studying is pretty straightforward. All you will need is a display screen, projector, or even a smartphone. If you want to get started applying a lot more complicated solutions of online video-assisted understanding, there are far more state-of-the-art tools obtainable that will aid you capitalize specially on the good added benefits. But 1st, right here are some fundamental considerations when utilizing VAL.

Survey Your Learners

The initial vital action to utilizing VAL is to know who your pupils are. Sometimes films are not ideal for a distinct team of learners. For illustration, if you discover you in a class that does finest with fingers-on functions and labs, they will be bored sitting quietly and looking at videos.

One more vital factor to take into consideration is all those with distinctive requirements. For case in point, kids with ADHD have been proven to react poorly to display screen time and classroom video clips so much that it negatively impacts their educational accomplishment. Other components are factors like age-acceptable content material, culturally delicate product, and range of cast members for beneficial self-reflection by relating to figures on display screen.

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When You Should Use Videos

Video clips must be utilised as supplementary materials only. Until you are in a film directing course, participating in films or movies all the time is not great for powerful active discovering. That is why even in online courses, learners however ought to do worksheets, take part in on the internet conversations, and occasionally even do services-discovering to full their program.

The most effective time to put into action videos in the classroom are:

  • Right before a discovering objective is launched
  • Soon after a understanding goal is done
  • In school rooms that could have multiple varieties of behavioral conditions
  • With hybrid or length mastering setups in which added components are essential
  • In inclusive classrooms accommodating for distinctive understanding paces
  • At household to strengthen understanding objectives without the need of instruction

Classroom Layout

Classroom style and design is significant for how films function in your classroom. For case in point, if you are implementing a flipped classroom, then movies could not basically ever be played in course but alternatively at household. On the reverse facet, if your classroom does not have any variety of exhibit, course-extensive movies may perhaps not be an selection.

Since movies are not as useful resource intensive as in advance of, fortunately all you have to have is a great projector or interactive whiteboard to get the occupation finished. Only area the display screen at the entrance of the classroom and use as wanted. Or if you have obtain to far more means, get the students to build their own movies. Video clip development for learners is frequently more valuable than seeing premade videos on the similar matter.

Also, if you are seeking for a wonderful projector that is excellent for schooling and accessibility, we encouraged checking out our short article on what to search for when buying an training projector and check out our ViewBoards for schooling that appear pre-installed with the myViewBoard software to understand how you can entirely modify the dynamics of your classroom.

Video-assisted learning: using educational videos to teach - 4 free platforms

Final Thoughts for Video clip-Assisted Finding out

Video-assisted studying is a terrific instrument to frequently adopt in your lesson options. Monitor time is a controversial topic for numerous, so make sure to follow excellent exploration and make nicely-knowledgeable possibilities when applying movies. If done appropriate, pupils will profit enormously in their understanding procedure and have considerably far more fun and lively understanding over-all.

If you are ready to start out making use of video clip-assisted learning verify out ViewSonic’s instruction answers. Or, if you are interested in other evolving training approaches in the classroom, examine out how virtual and augmented fact are shifting classrooms.

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