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What Do NAEP Scores Mean?

What Do NAEP Scores Mean?

If you follow education news at all, you likely know that the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores were released this week. The NAEP test scores are known as our ‘Nation’s report card’ because the scores reflect how our students are doing. If you’ve seen online articles or heard your local news covering NAEP, you may be wondering, really, what do NAEP scores mean?

What Do The Scores Tell Us?

Unfortunately, years after schools initially closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re seeing the negative results of those school closures. To be clear, NAEP scores show dramatic declines in math and reading performance for both 4th and 8th grade students.

More specifically, “In 2022, the average fourth-grade math score decreased by 5 points to its lowest level since 2005. The average eighth-grade math score decreased by 8 points to its lowest level since 2003,” according to NPR’s breakdown of the results.

In a nation as great as ours, this is unacceptable. In short, we’ve been failing our students. Without basic math and reading skills, what do we hope for, for our children? At American Board, we believe we can all agree that our students deserve better. Luckily, we know our teacher graduates are part of the solution.

You Can Help

If you’re frustrated by these NAEP results—perhaps your state was hit particularly hard—there is good news. You can help! Here is how…

  1. Become a teacher.

Yes, it is a one step plan. Becoming a teacher and helping students reach proficiency is the fastest way to improve their potential in life. And the fastest way for you to become a teacher is through American Board’s alternative teacher certification program. Online teacher certification is the new normal path to licensure for people who already hold a degree. American Board-trained teachers are career changers who bring real world experience to the classroom. Think you can’t transfer your skills from the corporate world to the classroom? Think again.

Below, you can hear from Jeff. He’s an American Board graduate in Arkansas who began his teaching career so more students would have access to positive male role models.

Jeff, an American Board teacher graduate in Arkansas.

American Board: Helping You Help Our Schools

Our nation’s schools are desperate for more teachers. In particular, we need more math teachers. While improved reading scores can start at home by having parents make a habit of reading with their children, math improvement almost always happens in the classroom.

To help recruit both math and reading teachers, American Board is offering a limited-time discount on our certification program. You can use this opportunity to earn your math, English language arts, or reading specialist certificate for only $1,500.

Watch the video below to hear from Jessica, an American Board grad and English language arts teacher, and visit www.americanboard.org to get started today.

Jessica, an American Board teacher graduate in South Carolina