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What Is Our Responsibility During an Active Shooter “Shelter in Place” Order?

What Is Our Responsibility During an Active Shooter “Shelter in Place” Order?

We have just posted a new “Question Dr. Steve” blog post by Dr. Albrecht in our “Library Support, Safety, & Safety” part of Library 2.“What Is Our Duty For the duration of an Energetic Shooter ‘Shelter in Place’ Get?” Below is the dilemma that was submitted:

In the case of an lively shooter shelter in area order from one’s institution, is a presented office/library serving the community obligated to reduce members of the community from exiting?

At any level is the division liable for the basic safety of a human being who chooses not to shelter in place and alternatively exiting the section/library?

At any point if a man or woman is prevented from leaving is the department illegally detaining a person?

You can go through Dr. Albrecht’s response in this article
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