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15 Classroom Decor Resources and Bulletin Board Ideas

15 Classroom Decor Resources and Bulletin Board Ideas

A new school year means a new classroom – or a chance to give your current set-up a refresh! Get your room back-to-school ready with these easy bulletin board ideas and classroom decorations. How you set up your room can help you stay organized, make expectations clear to students, and create a fun and exciting learning environment for your class. Here are some resources to get you started.

Learning Objectives Bulletin Boards

Set the tone for your students’ day by letting them know what they’ll learn as soon as they enter the room. This fun set of editable posters and signs will ensure that your class knows their learning objectives inside and out.

Learning Objectives | Bulletin Board | Objectives Board | Classroom Decor by Learning in Wonderland

Grades: K-3

Classroom Decor Pennant Banners by The Ordinary to EXTRAordinary Classroom

Grades: K-12

Classroom Job Decor Ideas

Taking care of the classroom is a task that your students can actively be part of. Have your wall decor also be a classroom management tool with these posters and worksheets. 

Classroom Jobs and Chores Posters & Worksheets Bundle by Adulting Made Easy aka SpedAdulting

Grades: Not Specific

Classroom Jobs: Editable Classroom Decor by Lindsay Flood

Grades: 3-8

Social Emotional Learning Posters

Encourage your students’ emotional growth with these SEL posters that address mindfulness, stress management, growth mindset, coping skills, and more. Not only will this classroom decor idea look great, but it will also help ensure your learning space is an inclusive one.

Social Emotional Learning Poster Bundle: SEL Classroom & School Counseling Decor by WholeHearted School Counseling

Grades: K-9

Classroom Expectations

Classroom decor can be fun and functional. Set your class up for success by making your rules, procedures, and expectations clear with these quick and easy digital and print resources. 

Classroom Procedures and Expectations Editable PowerPoint – For MS and HS by Adventures in Science

Grades: 3-12

Whole Brain Teaching Classroom Rules Posters by Laura Candler

Grades: PreK-6


Classroom Decor by Subject

Make the subject you teach part of your classroom theme with these posters, bulletin boards, and editable labels. These decorations are full of bright colors as well as learning materials that will match your lesson plans. 


Invisible Math Posters and Worksheets – Math Classroom Decor by Amy Harrison

Grades: 6-9

Social Studies

Map Skills Posters by Nicole Hernandez – A Teacher’s Idea

Grades: K-3


5E Instructional Model Bulletin Board Posters Next Generation Science Standards by What I Have Learned

Grades: 2-5


English Language Arts

Writer’s Workshop Bulletin Board Print, Laminate, and Done! by Performing in Education

Grades: 3-12



Spanish Classroom Decor Spanish Speaking Countries Flags Labeled Banners Hearts by Sra Cruz

Grades: K-12

Dual Language Classroom Labels – Free Bilingual Classroom Labels by Biliteracy Now

Grades: 1-5



What to Listen for in Music Bulletin Board Set by Cori Bloom

Grades: K-12


Art Teaching Quotes – 10 Posters for Classroom Decor by The Little Teacher Lady

Grades: 6-12

In search of more classroom bulletin board ideas and decorations? Check out the TpT catalog for more inspiration.