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Asthma Education Information You Must Consider Before Marriage… If Both Of You Are Asthmatic

Asthma Education Information You Must Consider Before Marriage… If Both Of You Are Asthmatic

Love can be a very strong feeling that can survive any difficulty that comes to a relationship. Think carefully though when it comes to deciding if children are right for you if both you and your intended spouse have asthma. Hereditary issues can increase the risk of having children who will end up suffering with asthma!

Is it love if two people knowingly bring a child into the world to go through life with the physical and psychological challenges because of asthma? There are many stresses and strains on a marriage without the problems of dealing with asthmatic children.

As you already know, asthmatic children, like you, can radically change the dynamic of a family. One of the major causes of asthma are hereditary factors. In many cases, asthma is passed from a parent to the child. So, if both of you have asthma, it is most likely that one will pass it over to your children if greatly increased. This is not a certainty, but the chances of it happening are very high and something that should be considered.

It has been confirmed by some experts that a person who has a parent with asthma is three to six times far more likely to develop asthma during his life time than a person who doesn’t have a parent with asthma.

If this statement is true, then it is true also that if both parents have asthma, the chance of the child having asthma goes up dramatically. Statistically speaking, 40% of children who have asthmatic parents will eventually grow up and develop asthma!

So, am I saying couples who have asthma should not get married?

Not necessarily.

Instead couples with asthma need to recognize that this may be a very real possibility in the future. They should have a complete understanding of what could be the result of their getting married and be prepared to handle it.

There is no point regretting later in life when you start having children who have asthma. It is best to know what to expect and be prepared to handle it.

Talk to your doctor and get his or her advice and be prepared on the things to do to make the condition favorable if you eventually give birth to children with asthma.

This is necessary because early detection of asthma can help protect your baby’s life than if you were not aware of it at all.

If couples with asthma know what to expect, they would be better prepared to deal with it than if they were ignorant.

So, before getting married as asthmatic victims, understand what to expect regarding the possibility of asthmatic children.