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Dometic Corporation Breathe Easy Air Purifiers Review and Numbers Analysis

Dometic Corporation Breathe Easy Air Purifiers Review and Numbers Analysis

Dometic Corporation is a private company in Legrange, Indiana that specializes in heating and ventilation equipment. They care a residential and a commercial air purifier model called the ‘Breathe Easy’. These systems use photo catalytic oxidation (PCO) technology to oxidize gases in the air. They only use PCO technology. This means they are not effective at removing particles from the air. They are not effective against odors in the air. They will be affective against some gases and some bacteria.

Cost estimates on this technology are based on the Breathe Easy Portable (residential model). This system costs 27 cents per square foot of air cleaned each year. It covers 500 square feet and has an MSRP of $129.99. Costs for the commercial version of this technology will be higher based on the limited information available. However, it seems to cover a lot larger area and may be more economical in cost per square foot.

These air purifiers are specialty items. They are designed to address very specific issues. These are not the models to use for most common residential indoor air quality needs. Depending on how effective this PCO technology is, some examples of good applications for it could include: daycare centers to keep the spread of germs down, certain commercial settings where toxic gases are released into the air, and environments where mold and mildew are common problems. PCO effectiveness is determined by the number and types of metals used for the catalyst and the catalytic surface area for creating the reaction. Most residential environments require a combination of technologies to address the different types of ongoing pollution.

The cost to benefit ratio of the Breathe Easy models is high when compared against other PCO models in the industry that have both greater reputation for performance and incorporate other technologies with the PCO for a more rounded approach to air purification. Some of the high end PCO technologies on the market run below 10 cents per square foot in cost and address odor and particle pollution at the same time.

Dometic only backs its air purifiers with a 90 day limited warranty. This is below the industry minimum standard of one year for low-end purifiers and 3 years for high-end systems. Warranty backing is a crucial piece of information in the air quality industry because cleaning toxic air causes air purifiers to break down over time. So warranty becomes an indication of how durable a system is. If you decide to invest in an Breathe Easy system, its possible you would need to replace it every year. This frequency of replacement was taken into account when calculating costs of operation. Over 10 years, it would cost you $1338.71.

This air purifier could be the perfect fit for certain situations. But remember that it’s a specialty system with a specific purpose.