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It Is What It Is: A Definitive Understanding Of What To Expect From Life

It Is What It Is: A Definitive Understanding Of What To Expect From Life

What we give is what we get, the end. Oh, sure it is that simple: Indeed though, let me make an article out of that.

Ultimately, we are logically responsible for everything however illogical or unlucky it may seem at the time it does happen, and although we do not seem responsible for getting into the trouble, we are definitely responsible for inventing or creating a solution. What is life about? It is all about making things better and solving problems. From a better source of light (from candle to light bulb) to better transportation (from horse to airplane). Indeed the only “pedagogical infinity” that exists for any time is an unsolved problem until it is solved from a higher vantage point than the point that discovered or came into the problem.

Sure. we get what we perceive and expect, and we have two choices: We can let it conquer us and say “we are done” or we can work to conquer it, and say, “I will grow up and deal with this”. Sure there are many choices in between those two, and beyond those two choices, but, those are the basic logical choices we have: Deal with it, or let it conquer us. Indeed, problems are never really unsolvable. I came up with this article thinking principally that I had nothing to write, but in my mind after I thought that, my thought processes were piecing together this approach to reality in which one side of it works, and one side of it does not work. Letting things conquer us without creating a genuine solution does not work while conquering things through creativity ultimately does work. Note though: I said ultimately, meaning that it takes work and steadfast growth for it to work. After all, outside of a laboratory where artificial means of growth are possible have you ever heard of an instant large natural oak tree? The reality is the reality and nothing else, and we do have to work with it ultimately.

Today, I had a small dilemma: How was I going to fulfill my obligations today without wasting too much time, and my answer was to simply deal with it minute by minute instead of actively saying impossible in any way. This answer helped me in the best way, it even ultimately helped me with this article. So, if you deal with it, it is possible, but sometimes it may take a little more creativity and time (in that order), but it is possible.