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Students’ Best Secondary Enrichment Opportunities With ISP

Students’ Best Secondary Enrichment Opportunities With ISP

Any secondary student’s development must be supported by a rigorous academic program that is focused on the needs of the individual student. But academic success is not the only factor in a student’s development. Furthermore, academics are only one aspect of it.

The British International School in Abu Dhabi provides students with numerous options for secondary enrichment as a result. Students develop as individuals and acquire a variety of life skills here.

These extracurricular activities aren’t merely filler to pass the time between school and home for the youngsters. More than that, actually. Kids can learn important qualities like self-motivation, awareness, self-discipline, etc. by following interests outside of the classroom. They develop risk-taking skills and know when to try something new.

Don’t misunderstand me, though, either. Fun and games are not acceptable definitions of enrichment activities. Through well-rounded, culturally diverse, and instructive exercises, these activities will significantly improve your child’s learning.

British International School Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, offers enrichment programs to instill in your child cross-cultural sensitivity, diplomacy, and understanding. Browse a few of the programs we provide.

Secondary Enrichment

A Simulated United Nations (MUN)

The Abu Dhabi International School provides a teaching simulation called Model United Nations as a part of the ISP. After being given a nation and committee, each student will participate in a mock debate to address global issues.

Children will learn about the UN, diplomacy, and international relations through this instructional simulation. MUN fosters in your children a keen knowledge of global concerns, confidence, and outstanding research and debating abilities, even though it does not exactly match the procedures and norms employed in the UN.

They have the chance to interact with people from different cultures as well. Students must be quick on their feet and be prepared to stand up for the nation they represent in the face of pressing global concerns.

Global Future Leaders Conference

Students ages 13 to 17 participate in another discussion event, the Future Global Leaders conference, where they discuss some of society’s most important problems and concerns. These discussions may cover issues such historical racial injustices, gender pay gaps, etc.

The British International School, unlike many secondary schools in Abu Dhabi, gives its students the chance to be chosen for an upcoming leadership summit where over 3000 student leaders from over 30 nations will participate.

Delegates from various races and cultures come together for a really unique event where they exchange ideas and point of views. Just consider the exposure your youngster could receive in a single week. Additionally, students will reside in top Ivy League universities in the USA and pursue their education there. The committee’s chairpersons speak English, Arabic, and French with ease to demonstrate our dedication to diversity.

Buddy Exchange Initiative

An international student exchange program called the Buddy Exchange Program is available to kids between the ages of 14 and 17. For a month, this initiative facilitates reciprocal interactions between ISP schools all around the world. A buddy exchange program’s goal is to give pupils a variety of learning opportunities in a secure environment.

Your child will get the chance to visit some of the top schools in some of the most interesting locations on earth thanks to Abu Dhabi Secondary School. The buddy exchange program fulfills its promise to provide an unmatched international and cultural learning experience while also assisting participants in strengthening their language abilities and forming lifelong companions around the world.

As a Summary

Our goal at Reach British School is to give your kid the ideal balance of academics and extracurricular activities. Your child will benefit from an inventive and pleasant method of learning thanks to a British curriculum combined with a student-centered enrichment program.

Overall, the British International School offers a very balanced and inclusive educational experience, making us the best international school in Abu Dhabi.

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