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Top 10 Colleges in America: Ranked According to Graduation Success Percentages

Top 10 Colleges in America: Ranked According to Graduation Success Percentages

Top Ten Colleges for Successful Graduate Percentages

The top ten colleges for successful graduate percentages is a unique list of colleges and universities. The list consists of many small and virtually unknown schools; you will not find any largely athletic schools in this list.

These schools offer a diverse selection of Bachelor’s degrees and are both public and private. Many of these colleges offer Bachelor’s of Science degrees and Liberal Arts degrees.

Here is the top ten list of colleges for successful graduate percentages:

1. Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

o New York

o Graduation rate of 82.5%

o Architecture, Art, Engineering, Humanities & Social Sciences

2. United States Air Force Academy

o Colorado

o Graduation rate of 81.3%

o Sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Majors

3. St. Joseph’s College

o New York

o Graduation rate of 77%

o Arts, Sciences and Finance

4. Messiah College

o Pennsylvania

o Graduation rate of 76.7%

o Christian College of Liberal Arts and Applied Sciences

5. Taylor University-Upland

o Indiana

o Graduation rate of 76.4%

o Arts, Biblical Studies, Sciences, Business, Computer Systems and Humanities

6. Susquehanna University

o Pennsylvania

o Graduation rate of 76.1%

o Music, Graphic Design, Writing and Education

7. United States Merchant Marine Academy

o New York

o Graduation rate of 71.8%

o Marine Engineering, Marine Transportation, Marine Operations, Marine Shipyard Operations

8. United States Coast Guard Academy

o Connecticut

o Graduation rate of 69.7%

o Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Marine Engineering, Government, Management, Naval Operations, Applied Mathematics

9. Maine Maritime Academy

o Maine

o Graduation rate of 68.9%

o Engineering, Transportation, Business and Science

10. Cedarville University

o Ohio

o Graduation rate of 68.3%

o Athletic Training, Biblical Education, Business Administration, Communication Arts, Education, Engineering, International Studies and Business, Language and Literature, Music and Art, Nursing, Psychology, Science and Mathematics, Social Sciences and History

An interesting fact amongst these colleges is that many of them are related to the United States Armed Forces. These colleges rank high amongst the graduation rates. This may be due to the discipline and responsibility that is learned through these institutions. Many students in these institutions will also be sent their commissions after graduation and will go off to other countries or states to serve their active duty.

The majority of these colleges also offer degrees in specific career areas. Many of these colleges are also liberal arts colleges that focus on arts, music, architecture, biblical studies and the humanities. Students seeking degrees in these areas should be pleased to see such high graduation rates from these colleges and universities.