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Top 5 Tips To Score Top Marks In Statistics Exams

Top 5 Tips To Score Top Marks In Statistics Exams

Some subjects hold the unique distinction of being different from the usual ones. Accounting and statistics are good examples of such subjects. When a student looks at statistics for the first time, the terminology in itself is enough to confuse him/her and scare them away! However, by following a few tips and strategies, students can surely pull themselves together and master this intensely difficult subject and secure top marks! Here are a few top tips for students to achieve success in their statistics exams and score the coveted A grade.

Read through the given data and write down the essentials

When given a problem, students should read through it more than once and write down the essentials before attempting to solve it. This is a good practise not only when it comes to statistics but also for other subjects like math, accounting and physics. In fact, this is a popularly recommended practise by expert teachers in the subject. When students seek statistics homework help online, this is the very first thing that they are taught to do.

Be careful while reading from graphs and images

While reading from graphs, it is important to note down what the axes represent. This should be the first thing one must do when reading a graph and then go through the problem statement and write down what needs to be done. This is the key to working with graphs and images.

Don’t get confused with the terminology

It is often observed that students get confused between various terms such as mean, median, standard deviation and variance and so on. To tackle this problem, it is important that students understand what exactly these terms refer to and be able to identify them when working in a problem. This will solve half the troubles when it comes to performing in exams.

Understand how transformations in a data set affect the summary statistics

Apart from understanding the terminology used completely, learning how data manipulations and transformations affect the summary is quite important. For example, adding a number say x to each element in the data set affects the mean and median (they also increase by the number x). The standard deviation and variance are however unaffected by this. Understanding the reason behind this and learning such transformations can come in handy during exams. Most tutors take care to sensitize towards data manipulations and transformations while they seek statistics homework help or assignment help.

Understand the implications of the logarithmic transformations

Being able to understand log patterns and applying log transforms to numbers is quite helpful as the logarithm can be used to tone down the magnitude of the numbers and they thus become easier to work with. Similarly, understanding various patterns such as the theme explored in braces (when x and y are exponentially related, the scatter plot of the number x and log y will have a linear pattern) will help working with tough problems very easy.